Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Warhammer 40K -- League Play Week 2

Hi everyone,

Here is a quick write-up on the events in our Warhammer 40K League -- week #2.

Quick summary:
- We played 1000 points this time.
- We brought the "Pink Orkys" and "Yellow Orkys" Ork Army again.
- Had two battle sessions.  Played the League Leader - Mr. L; Played Mr. M one more time.
- Through an assortment of helpful teaching by Mr. L and Mr. M; very good luck at the right moments rolling dice; and by a little bit more experience and good decision making on our part - we actually won both battles.

Our Army:
We added the following in to get to 1000 points:
 - Added the Pink Orkys' Trukk.  Plan was to put the Gretchins inside to see if they could do some damage before dying.
- Added a set of Meganobs
- Added a Big Mek with Shokk Attak Gun
- Added a few more Boyz to Ghazghkull Thraka's (GT's) crew

Key notes:
- Figuring out all of the rules and bonuses for Ghazghkull is a challenge.  Reading and reading afterwards, we missed several.  Thinking of making a little cheat-sheet with the page numbers for each of them for next week.  Wondering if anyone has already made such a list.
- Seems like we should have bought a few Runts and Squiggs to augment Ghazghkull.  He's already 225 points.  What is 3 more to give him a roll of the dice when in a very bad way at the end.
- The Warbikers had a rough go of it.  Died quickly both times.
- Power Klaws are terrific.  Very much worth the 25 points each.

Battle #1 - Playing Mr. L's Tau Army
- This was the first time we had ever played against Tau.  Mr. L explained to us that they were sort of like Eldar.  Pretty fast - lots of long range shooting - but not too strong if we could get up close.  So, we did our best to charge in close.

Here is a photo of our deployment.  Our idea was to run the Trukk with Gretchins up the right side - hoping to do some useful shooting.  Then send the Meganobs and the Killikans up the center.  Ghazghkull and his Boyz coming up the left center.  And, the Warbikers up the left flank.

Here you can see Mr. L's deployment of Tau.  He had a squad of Pathfinders hidden in the trees.  And, he had a Riptide with drones and some suit thingies.  He kept his warlord and more suit thingies in reserve.  You can't quite see his missile launching hover craft in the photo - that is way in the bottom right corner.

Here you can see Ghazghkull and his Boyz along with the KilliKans almost reaching Mr. L's forces.  By this time the Meganobs are dead - wiped out by all of the long range firing.

Here we are finally reaching Mr. L's forces.  Ghazghkull:  "Me an da boyz killd da heck out of da big tank thingy."

The game got really exciting when it we had a close combat and the Riptide challenged Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka.  (One of us was nervous - one of us wasn't.)  Anyway, Ghazghkull won - and we did a pretty good job in close combat.
At the very end, Ghazghkull was finally worn down - but the Pain Boy and the remaining Pink Ork Boyz won the day.  (And, once again, Mr. L was super nice - helping at many points.)
[A very funny note was his sort of sly bad advice at the very end of the game - trying to get us to attack the wrong thing.  But, we could read his sneaky intentions on his face - and "We stay'd wi' da plan!"]
Battle #2 - Playing Mr. M's Space Marine Army

- We used the same army as against Mr. L.  And, this was the second time we played against Mr. M.  In the first match he used a Librarian against us.  (Here's a link to that write-up.)  In this battle he brought more tanks - and lots of bikers.  In fact, his warlord was with his biker unit - on a bike.

We forgot to take a photo of the deployment - but you can see how things looked after turn #1.  A Space Marine Drop Pod landed in our backyard.  And, shot the Trukk - ruining it's big shootah.  With no weapons left, we decided to ram the Drop Pod - which wasn't super good for the Trukk, but we did hurt the Drop Pod.

A big moment in the game was when the Meganobs took out the Bikers.  This shifted things a bit -
and gave us a chance to bring GT up the middle.

At the end, Mr. M held more objectives - but we were able to charge with Ghazghkull and the Pink Boyz and knock him off that one just as the game ended.  It was a mathematical win - but not sure we would have won if we had needed to take out the remaining tank forces.

Once again, Mr. M was super nice and helpful - really appreciated his help figuring out some strategies and rules!  (But, did overhear him saying that he was bringing the big fire-power next week!!)

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