Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tauntin' Da Tau (Working on new cars for the Ork Train)!!!

Hi everyone,

We're gearing up for the next chapter of work on the Ork Train - the Waaaghbash Kannonball!  [Here's a link to some of our most recent Ork Train posting....]

And, since we've had some fun conversations with fellow 40K players at the Reno Summit Warhammer store in the past few months about possible Tau looting, we've decided that the next big project should focus on Tau.

Here's our overall concept:

First of all, we have a good name for the project:  

Tau'ntin Da Tau

...our friend Mr. Z suggested we keep that apostrophe in there, to make the spelling a bit Tau-like :)

 Here is our plan for adding "Tauntin Da Tau" to the Ork Train!

The idea came about this way.  While at the store, one Tau player (who had a very nicely painted army) suggested that we take the top off of a StormSurge and mount that on a car.  That sounded very cool - and the more we have studied the model and thought about the nice massive scale of what that would create, the more excited we were about the idea.

Next, while at the 2017 Las Vegas Open event, we got into a fun chat with one of our Waaagh! on Railz participants -- who suggested that it would be fun to have a train car filled with water - and dunk Tau (while alive) into the tank of water -- to be eaten up by piranha-like-Squigs.

Progress so far:

We've wrangled the train cars we need.

We weren't sure what would look good as an aquarium car.  Turns out that Lionel made some aquirium cars - but it didn't seem that they had actual clear sides.  So, when we were at The Great Train Expo a few weeks back, we were very excited to see this Gold Bullion Car.  And, it has clear plastic windows which can be the sides of our water tanks!!!  We'll remove the gold, of course.

 Here is the Gold Bullion Car we will modify into our Squig Aquarium Car!

And, we also found a pretty inexpensive Crane Car.  We went with the Marx version (not the Lionel version).  One of us had a Lionel Car as a kid -- and it derailed ALL OF THE TIME!!!  This Marx car has simple two-axle trucks - much more simple.

Modification time:

So, the work we have to do now looks like the following....

1) Figure out how to create liquid water for the Aquarium car.  We've seen some references to people pulling this off with acrylic materials you can pour in.  One example is below -- pretty cool underwater scenery and nice tint to the water.  Evidently this wonderful model's photo came from a German modeling website.  Website with example of underwater scenes.

Here's one example of creating very cool water effects.  
This is the type of thing we need to figure out how to do....

2) Create the Squig-Pirhanas.  Thinking that we can probably do that with some green stuff to merge some shark tails (or something like that) onto Squig models.

3) And, of course the StormSurge.  Still hoping that we can find one which someone dropped on the floor or something so that we don't have to build a perfectly good StormSurge only to then lop off the bottom and attach it to our crane....

Well - to work we go.  Welcome any suggestions, and we'll post our progress :)