Friday, January 20, 2017

D20 Holder for Pharasma Numbers Spell

Hi everyone,

We've continued to enjoy playing Pathfinder - have a few different campaigns going these days.

And, for our Life Oracle (healer) of Pharasma, having little Pharasma symbol tokens to keep track of the "re-rolls" which come from channeling have really been great for other players to keep track.

Here's a link to our post on making 3D Pharasma Tokens

So, when we stumbled across the Level 1 spell "Lucky Number" we started thinking about how we might create something similar....

Here is a link to the Lucky Number spell detailed information

The plan....
- Create a plastic "holder" for a d20
- When the spell is cast, the affected player rolls their d20 and puts in into the holder
- Then, no worries about losing track of what that die roll was
- And, (as we've learned again and again in table-top games to be really valuable) there is a nice *reminder* of the extra provided by the real-life token of the item

Getting to work....
- After quite a bit of thought, it occurred to us that looking down on a d20, it has a hexagonal sillouette.  So, if we could 3d print a little hexagonal box, that would be perfect.

- Looking around on Thingiverse, we found one which was perfect!  A little hexagonal box - we just needed to figure out what size would be just right for a standard d20.

- There was some trial and error....

Tried @ 30mm -- way too big.  The d20 rattles around and doesn't even stay locked on a single number.

Tried 25mm -- still too big.  Better though.  Almost feels locked in place.

Tried 24mm -- too big -- still rattling (and that didn't seem like proper workmanship)

Tried 23mm -- now, too small.  Couldn't get the d20 into the box!

Tried 23.5mm -- just right :)

Here is our rather iterative approach to getting the size just right!

We are thinking that it might be fun to have some symbols on the sides of the d20 holders.  Working on options there....

Here are some printed out spirals to use as symbols on the d20 holders.  We haven't managed to print a high enough resolution spiral-comet yet - so trying these instead for now.

And, after some thought, decided to prime these grey so that they look like they are made of good "dungeon" stone :)

Our d20 holders lined up for priming....

We noticed that after priming things were a little bit more snug.  So, it is important to remember that paint does have a real thickness.  We probably could have gone 0.5mm larger after all!  (But, they did fit.)

Here are our d20 holders with dice inside :)

So, what's next....

- Working on those Pharasma symbols.

- And, the other idea is the light these up from below!  We left a spot unpainted on the bottom.  With a small LED, they do have a very cool blue glow!

And, how did they work?

- Well, in the first game, our character cast two "Lucky Number" spells.  So, two party members' characters had lucky numbers.  One was a 3.  Great!  And, it actually did come up during the session.  But, the other character had the number 20.  Rats - that doesn't leave much room for improvement!!