Monday, June 26, 2017

Visiting Orc Town in Seoul (Travel Log from our Ork and Space Marine)

Hi everyone,

Found ourselves with little extra time in Seoul, South Korea this week - and wondered if there might be a local game store which carried Warhammer 40K.  (Always nice when traveling to have a chance to talk to people in other parts of the world who share a love for table top battle games!)

After some Googling we discovered Orc Town - in Seoul. 

Pink Ork and Space Marine Travel Log
Our Pink Ork and Space Marine at Orc Town in Seoul

Here's a link to the web-site
오크타운 온라인 스토어

Or, in case you're still learning how to read the Korean alphabet like we are:

The question was, how to get there....

Step 1 -- translating the Korean on the web-page.  That sorted out using Google translate.  Here's what we learned :)

Step 2 -- finding our way there.  We ended up using Google Maps for that.  It was a bit tricky.  Google couldn't understand us typing the address in English.   

Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon-ro 26 Road 46-8 B1F (Dogok-dong, Samho Building) ORCTOWN

But, of course, it did know where "Orc Town, Seoul" was located!!!

We sorted out how to get there by sub-way.  Turned out to be pretty easy coming from City Hall.  One stop on the Green subway - transfer to the Orange Train, and hop off at the Maebong Station.

Here's a cut-out from our Google Map set of directions

From there, it was a short walk.  And, sure enough, there it was on the street in one level down (that's what the B1 means).

And, here's a zoomed-in version of our directions to Orc Town.  These are helpful if you need directions in English :)

After following the directions, we spotted the "Orc Town" sign on the right hand side :)

Popping inside, we had a quick chat with the Orc Town team.  Overall, very nice store!!  Here are a few of our highlights:
  • Very fun terrain in the store - including one really long table.  (Have only seen a cool long table like this at Warhammer World.)
  • A really complete set of Warhammer (of pretty much all types)
  • And, extremely reasonable prices - in fact, it sure seemed to us that some of the prices were lower than what we could find in California
We chatted a little bit about other games - such as FFG's X-wing.  And, we learned that in South Korea it is not easy to import pre-painted models.  Turns out they are viewed as toy products - and require careful analysis of paint materials to make sure nothing is toxic.  40K models, on the other hand, are consider grown-up hobby materials - and since they are unpainted, much more straight-forward to import.

Our Ork and Space Marine were really happy to be able to spend some time at Orc Town - and thoroughly enjoyed the gaming tables and terrain!

Fun taking photos with our Ork and Space Marine on the (very nicely painted) Orc Town gaming table :)

Cool to see a Plasma Obliterator on the table....

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