Da Pink Orks "Orkys" - Chapta 1

Da Story of Da Pink Orkys

Chapta One:  Morooned.

Morooned!  I an' me Boyz wuz marooned on dis 'ere planet.  We don' know wich planet or where we iz.  Wurst yet, some chowda-head painted our gear dis very un-Orky PINK!

Battle Gaming One Pink Orks Orkys Morooned Marooned
Here we iz landin'

"Boss, you looks good wi' a pink war claw," says [TBD]. 

"Shet yur pie-hole, an' keep walkin," I yells.  "We gotta find some dakka to get us offa dis rock.  An' I don't wanna hear no more 'bout pink!"

We come 'cross sum rusty ol' hulk.  But, even dis be too far gone to be of yoose.

Dis me tellin, "Dat too far rusty Boyz - keep hoofin' it!"

Soon dis zog-eatin' planet sturts gettin' cliffy.  We on'y knows one di-rekshun to go.  An' that's forward.  An' up.

Sum o' dah Boyz iz grumbling, but they knows I yuse my klaw if they don't lissun an' climb

'Bout haff-way up, Mouffzoff iz gettin' feesty wi' me.  (Its to be expektud.)

"Boss, nuttin 'ere!  We iz painted pink and full zog morked!"

"Don' wanna hear it," I says, "Or, I'll stich yer head somewarez else on yer loud-mouffed Ork self!"

'Ere you can see Mouffzoff be mouffin' off

Duh climbin' got less cliffy and more boldery.  Dat seemed better.

At leas' Mouffzoff shet-upped for a wile.

"Don tuch dose plantz - yull be ichin fer a week," I warnz 'em.

"Boss, I smellz sompen nasty.  Makin' me hung-ree."

Zag-zog-it we fine-ly foun' sumfin of yoose.  An ol' boily steameratur.  But, not too far rusty to git it runnin'.

Battle Gaming One Dakka Chugga Looted Wagon Pink Orks Lionel Warhammer 40K
Dis 'ere kan be ourz Dakka Chugga!

Chaptah Too:  Dah Dakka Chugga

[Will work on writing that next.  In Chaptah Too, the Pink Orkys begin work on the Dakka Chugga.]

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Battle Gaming One Pink Orks Orkys Bright Pink Pink Deff Dread
Ourz latest groop foto (we knowz dat dah Trukk needz paintin')

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