Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Waaagh-Bash Kannonball - 40K Ork Train Update

Hi everyone,

Supreme Warbosses Fork and Spork are making progress on the Waaagh-Bash Kannonball (their looted Ork Train)!  They are now up to two ENGINS' and two KARZ with quite a few big shootas of several types.

Fork and Spork are hard at work because they have agreed to take on other armies in some kind of death race!  So, they have their Big Mek and his crew hard at work.

Ork Train; Fork and Spork; Waaaghbash Kannonball; Looted Train
Supreme Warbosses Fork (left) and Spork (right) are ready to use Ork-style motivation!  Meks need to hurry up and finish the Waaaghbash Kannonball!

Ork train; Ork steam train; Warhammer train; 40K Train; Waaghbash Kannonball
Here is the Waaaghbash Kannonball so far.  The Dakka Chugga is in the front, followed by Da Pain Train.  Karz behind that for more dakka!

Dakka Chugga [Link to earlier post]

The Dakka Chugga is the first Lionel Steam Engine which our Orks looted.  Lots of Tyranid power at work here.  The TENDA is willed with Tyranid bodies -- being chucked into the ENGIN.

We've had lots of fun with the Dakka Chugga.  Took it up to Canada and played against Matt (in a Beat Matt Batrep) and his Tyranids.  And, since then have had a few other Tyranid battles against our friends back at home.  The best moment was rolling some Tyranids off the board (nothing better with a looted steam engine)!!

Da Pain Train [Link to earlier post]

Da Pain Train is nearly finished.  We have the main firepower set-up.  Though we do need to connect the main Eldar gun to the top turret.  Also need to put the engines inside and hook up the wirin' and plumbin' from the engine to the rest of Da Pain Train.

Da Pain Train is being built by Fork's meks.  So, the paint scheme will be yellow, black and red.  Will probably paint over the original Lionel train model's yellow painting of the base and front railing -- and make this black and/or metallic looking.

We'll post more with details of the engine and wiring as we go in the next few weeks.

40K Train; 40K Diesel Locomotive; Warhammer Locomotive; Da Pain Train
Here is Da Pain Train so far.  Lots of looted Eldar parts.  Figure it should have the firepower of a full-blown Battlewagon!

The Kannon Kar

What we're thinking here is to mount a looted Space Marine tank onto the low-boy flat car you see in the photo.  We'll mount it so that it is turreted -- and the while tank will be able to turn.  Then, we're going to connect the Tyranid shoota to the tank and wire it up to a Tellyporta type power supply -- which will be in the form of a small plasma ball (such as the great Ork master managed for his Morkanaut).  We'll fit the 12V battery needed to fire up the plasma ball down inside the tank.

The thinking will be that if the Waaaghbash Kannonball hits an Obstrukshun -- and can't plow through, the Kannon Kar's tank can drive off the flat car -- and go "deal with" the issue up close!

Looted Space Marine Tank; 40K Train with Kannon; Ork Plasma
Here is our Kannon Kar so far.  We got a beat-up Space Marines tank off of eBay -- and have now pried it open.  We'll be fitting our 12V battery for the plasma ball inside the tank.  Then, we'll mount this looted Tyranid Kannon to the front.


Lastly the Kaboose of the train will be looted from this Lionel "observation car" type passenger car.  As you might have guessed, Fork and Spork are thinking to load this up with as many boyz and dakka dakka as it will hold!!

Ork Boyz in Train; Kaboose; 40K Kaboose; 40K Caboose; Warhammer Caboose
Only question for the Kaboose is....  How many Boyz can we fit in here!