Sunday, February 22, 2015

Warhammer 40K -- The Waaagh! Payloader (Grot Rokkit)

Hi everyone,

We didn't have any firm plans for this weekend.  And, when we stumbled on the fact that the Bay Area LUNAR (model rocket) club was hosting a model rocket launch at Moffett Field, we rushed home, shook the dust off of our small trusty model and headed down for a quick launch.

All went relatively well.  We got help with how to get our igniter installed properly - and had some discussions about properly loading our parachute.

Rocket motor installed - igniter installed!

Our rocket on the launch pad - ready to go!

So....  The launch was great - even took slo-mo video with our phone.  And, the landing wasn't bad.  Our 'chute didn't fully deploy - but for our little rocket, it slowed down the descent enough that all was good.

And, then....  we started thinking....  We had purchased a payload capable model rocket after our last rush of rocket enthusiasm a few years ago.  We had it 80% assembled - but hadn't had any ideas better than launching a Lego astronaut (which, by the way, didn't really fit very well).  Now, seeing the payload capability through a Warhammer 40K lense, we got pretty excited.  Couldn't we launch Orks!!  [Here is a link to the Estes model rocket website if interested.]

Hauling out the payload rocket, we determined that the immediate answer was, "no - not easily."  The standard Ork has pretty broad shoulders -- and they just won't fit into the transparent tube of our payloader rocket.

We pondered using some of the more narrow Orks - such as the Trukk drivers and such - but finally decided that a Grot Rokkit would be totally more appropriate anyway.  (We could picture the Orks forcing the Grot pilot into his cockpit for takeoff!!!  "Git in der yuz scum!")

In fact, as we read a little bit about the Ork Pulsa Rokkit - we realized that having the Grot on board was even anticipated in the rules (where the Grot pilots the Rokkit to the landing spot to increase accuracy).

So, we got to work....

First, we needed a cockpit.  The extra cockpit from our Dakka Jet worked well with just a little bit of trimming to fit into the tube.

We found a good cockpit in our pile of bits....

Way too short, though - what to do with the extra space?  So, we modified a Blitza Bommer's bomb to fit onto the rear of the cockpit.

Our cockpit with the bomb glued on the back....

We added some odds and ends to make the build complete:
- sensor and headlight package looted from Space Marines
- Ork symbols
- a fuel tank of some sort
- heat vent
- additional missile warhead from a Burna Bomb (more dakka!)
- some cowling pieces also from the Ork flyers, and....
- "aima" (cross-hairs for the Grot pilot)).

The Grot vehicle fully assembled - ready for a final test fit in the launch tube.

Good test fit - time for painting :)

For paint scheme, we decided that the Ork Space Program would use White + Red.  So, that was the color of the main lifting vehicle -- the Waaagh! Payloader.  Then, the Grot vehicle (which is taking on the name Waaagh! Lander 7) was painted Yellow since the Ork faction building the Rokkit are our Yellow Orkies (not the Pink Orkies). 

[We are calling it the Waaagh! Lander 7 because we learned that all of the Mercury Rocket missions had a "7" in their names as well.  Since this is our first set of rockets, seemed appropriate to use this same convention.]

Here is how things look once all together.

The Waaagh! Lander in front of the Waaagh! Payloader.  We have some painting work yet to do, but coming along. 

Here is the underside of the Waaagh! Lander.  You can see the heat vent we added, and some of the other bits to make the build look complete.

It sounds like we may have a chance to launch our Grot toward the heavens in about 1 week.  We plan to report in on how that goes.

Here is the Waaagh! Payloader fully ready.  Confession - we haven't loaded the rokkit motor yet - will have to do that.  Then 'Ere We Go!  Launch time! 

A close-up of the Grot in his Waaagh! Lander -- loaded up in the Payloader capsule.

PS:  Also curious to figure out if the Apocalypse rules for the Ork Pulsa Rokkit are still OK to use.  If they are, maybe we'll bring our Rokkit to the Apocalypse battle we're planning to join in a couple of weeks. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Warhammer 40K -- Space Marines in Action!

Hi everyone,

We had a chance to try some outdoor scenery photos with our Space Marines this past weekend.  Tried to apply some of the lessons we learned when we were in Yellowstone.  (Link to that posting here.)
  • Brought along more units to create more interesting scenarios
  • Tried to find locations with lots of texture -- rocky locations
  • Worked on setting up settings which would have appropriate scale for our models
Our goal is to set up a narrative to go along with these photos.  We've had a bit more practice working on the "voice" of the Pink Orks than we have with our Space Marines - so welcome any comments on how to capture the tone properly!  (Link to our Pink Ork Storyline)

[Start Storyline]

My Devastator Squad and I were forward deployed -- separated from our main landing force.  'Take high ground and identify any enemy units,' was our objective.

The offensive had been uneventful so far.  Things looking very quiet for our Ultramarines 2nd Company forces so far.  If there were bogies here, we hadn't found them yet.

My men are usually up for a challenge - but the ascent was starting to get to them.  Unfortunately all of the VTOL vehicles had been assigned to other squads.  We were embarked with a Vindicator battle tank and Thunderfire Cannon.  And, negotiating the cliffs on this world was proving a challenge when traveling on tracks....

Ultramarines 2nd Company Devastator Squad Executing a Challenging Climb

Finally we found a crease in the rock face.  It was starting to look like we could summit this peak -- and once there, we could reconnoiter -- and search for those Xenos targets.  "Follow me, men -- almost there!"

Ultramarines almost to the top -- "Follow me!"

After that long climb my men were looking to recover their biometrics -- but, complacency will get you killed.  "Look alive, men!  I want that Thunderfire Cannon set up with a field of fire to cover 180.  We want to be ready for any surprises."

The Techmarine hurried to position and ready the Thunderfire Cannon!

Blessed be the Emperor, our timing was good.  Not 5 minutes after we were in position the Vindicator driver squawked over the comm channel, "High speed, incoming, sir.  Heavy heat signature.  Consistent with a Xenos heathen flier."  And, sure enough, seconds later we heard and then saw the Ork plane come smoking into view.

"He's in my sights," the Techmarine reported.  "Weapons free!" I ordered - and the engagement began!

The Ultramarines find a target, "Ork in my sights!"

That Techmarine knew his artillery - and fired true on the heathen.    Several hits damaged and downed the flier.  We tracked it down the ridge line and quickly shifted our position to ensure it was a complete kill.

Space Marines on site:  Ork downed!

The Emperor was watching over us yet again.  We quickly located the wreck and spotted a heathen crawling from the wreckage.  Easily dispatched.  And, now back to work.  Where there is one of the scum there will be more....

[End Storyline]