Saturday, February 7, 2015

Warhammer 40K -- Space Marines in Action!

Hi everyone,

We had a chance to try some outdoor scenery photos with our Space Marines this past weekend.  Tried to apply some of the lessons we learned when we were in Yellowstone.  (Link to that posting here.)
  • Brought along more units to create more interesting scenarios
  • Tried to find locations with lots of texture -- rocky locations
  • Worked on setting up settings which would have appropriate scale for our models
Our goal is to set up a narrative to go along with these photos.  We've had a bit more practice working on the "voice" of the Pink Orks than we have with our Space Marines - so welcome any comments on how to capture the tone properly!  (Link to our Pink Ork Storyline)

[Start Storyline]

My Devastator Squad and I were forward deployed -- separated from our main landing force.  'Take high ground and identify any enemy units,' was our objective.

The offensive had been uneventful so far.  Things looking very quiet for our Ultramarines 2nd Company forces so far.  If there were bogies here, we hadn't found them yet.

My men are usually up for a challenge - but the ascent was starting to get to them.  Unfortunately all of the VTOL vehicles had been assigned to other squads.  We were embarked with a Vindicator battle tank and Thunderfire Cannon.  And, negotiating the cliffs on this world was proving a challenge when traveling on tracks....

Ultramarines 2nd Company Devastator Squad Executing a Challenging Climb

Finally we found a crease in the rock face.  It was starting to look like we could summit this peak -- and once there, we could reconnoiter -- and search for those Xenos targets.  "Follow me, men -- almost there!"

Ultramarines almost to the top -- "Follow me!"

After that long climb my men were looking to recover their biometrics -- but, complacency will get you killed.  "Look alive, men!  I want that Thunderfire Cannon set up with a field of fire to cover 180.  We want to be ready for any surprises."

The Techmarine hurried to position and ready the Thunderfire Cannon!

Blessed be the Emperor, our timing was good.  Not 5 minutes after we were in position the Vindicator driver squawked over the comm channel, "High speed, incoming, sir.  Heavy heat signature.  Consistent with a Xenos heathen flier."  And, sure enough, seconds later we heard and then saw the Ork plane come smoking into view.

"He's in my sights," the Techmarine reported.  "Weapons free!" I ordered - and the engagement began!

The Ultramarines find a target, "Ork in my sights!"

That Techmarine knew his artillery - and fired true on the heathen.    Several hits damaged and downed the flier.  We tracked it down the ridge line and quickly shifted our position to ensure it was a complete kill.

Space Marines on site:  Ork downed!

The Emperor was watching over us yet again.  We quickly located the wreck and spotted a heathen crawling from the wreckage.  Easily dispatched.  And, now back to work.  Where there is one of the scum there will be more....

[End Storyline]

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