Thursday, January 1, 2015

Battle gaming in the woods.... (Yellowstone in the winter)

 Hi everyone,
The Battle Gaming One team made a winter trip to Yellowstone National Park this year.  We thought we'd write a quick blog from the Battle Gaming perspective -- our big take-aways....
1) You can certainly find game stores between Silicon Valley, California and Yellowstone Park in Wyoming.  We didn't have much time to stop - but did see that there were some good ones in Nevada and Idaho.  And, there must have been some in Montana as well.
2) Lots of chances for taking photos in real scenery.  We're going to create a blog posting with more of the photos we took.  BUT, it's cold in the winter in Yellowstone.  Got down to -17F.  Setting up your miniatures in the snow isn't quite as fun as setting them up in the sand -- in the summer -- on the beach.  Here's one photo....

Pink Ork and Space Marine in Yellowstone, Warhammer 40K with Geyser
Our Pink Ork and Space Marine in Yellowstone.  Cool how the geological activity (venting steam) looks like smoke from a battle in the background....

3) Table top games are great for winter camping.  It gets dark early.  Fun things to do *indoors* are a must (because it's too cold outside!!)....  At the Yellowstone lodge we watched people playing games every night.  The coolest we saw was Dead of Winter.  We saw one group of people playing this in the lodge lobby for hours.  (Here's a Dead of Winter link.)
4) We were trying to figure out how to create some kind of Yellowstone appropriate games.  One idea we had was to set up miniature wildlife (bison, coyotes, wolves, bobcats) and have them battle against a human empire (snowmobilers, hunters, skiers).  We were thinking we could use Fantasy Flight Games type rules.

We didn't find an easy way to do this (didn't find any easy miniatures to use).  But, we did find Yellowstone dice!  Here is a photo of us using the Yellowstone dice (which game with a Yahtzee set)....

National Parks Dice, Alternate Dice, Camping Dice
Here's a photo of our special Yellowstone - National Parks Dice!

5) We lugged our D&D books along (thinking they would be the most rugged and survive the 4-hour tracked vehicle trip in to park) but didn't get to play much.  Idea was to play in the evenings - but we were a bit too tired.  We should have brought something more simple like X-wing :)

All-in-all a fun trip - looking forward to the next one.


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