Friday, December 19, 2014

Warhammer 40K - Happy Holidays from the Aquila Stronghold

Hi everyone,

We were pretty impressed after playing against Mr. L's Tau and the Aquila Stronghold - so have been working to assemble our own.

Thought we'd take a moment for a seasonal holiday photo!

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Happy Holidays!

One thing which helped us get this model together was use of several clamps.  We like using plastic glue rather than super glue (when we can).  It's a bit more messy, and our joints aren't quite as pretty - but we have more time to make things go the way we want - and don't risk finger-gluing.  *But* when we use plastic glue on a model like this the clamps were a must to get everything to hold together nicely.

Aquila Strongpoint, Blood Angels, Battle Gaming One, Warhammer 40K
The Blood Angels testing out the Strongpoint!

Looking forward to trying our the super huge cannon in a battle.  (And, we already know how deadly those missiles can be.  In the Mr. L battle the missiles even chased across the board and caused damage to the strong hold itself.)

PS:  We're thinking about how to best use the Strongpoint....  If Mr. L was using the Stronghold to help the Tau, does that mean we could use it to help the Orks?

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