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D&D 5th Edition - a first try

Hi everyone,

Today we decided to try out D&D 5th Edition.  (Well, first we did some reading to see whether people like Pathfinder better than 5th Edition - and then we decided to give it a try.)  We ended up having quite a bit of fun!

What made the game especially fun is that now we have a handful of beginner level miniature gaming skills.  So, playing with miniatures and scenery is much quicker and more efficient.

Our session:
- We played (the two of us); plus our friend Mr. N.  Artist Expert is planning to play in the next session - but wasn't able to today.

Campaign Summary:

Scene 1:

Two young adult friends Ukabuk (LVL 1 Human Fighter) and Duscutt (LVL 1 Human Wizard) are exploring in the barn-loft at the home of local pub owner Boeuf (LVL 1 Human Cleric).  They find a chest full of old war-gear.

Ukabuk finds a heavy crossbow, a longbow, 1 very shiny arrow (enchanged?), a quiver full of arrows, a warhammer [very fitting for Warhammer 40K fans!], and a battleaxe.  He also finds a set of chainmail armor.

Duscutt finds a heavy crossbow, a hand crossbow, a longbow, and a quiver full of arrows (one of them very shiny).  He also finds some chainmail armor.

While Ukabuk and Duscutt are playing with their new equipment, they hear sounds of a scuffle down below.  Peering down, they see some very, very, very, very, very, totally ugly weird creatures mixed up in a fight with Boeuf!  They immediately rush to help Boeuf out.

The attackers are Goblins and Boeuf holds them off in turn 1 -- with one of the Goblins hurting itself with a 1 roll :(  Then, Ukabuk and Duscutt weigh in.  Ukabuk (pretty high dexterity) fires with the heavy crossbow.  Duscutt fires a magic missile (his first!).

The battle winds down as all 5 Goblins are dispatched.  Luckily for all involved, Boeuf turns out to have some healing skills (big magic Cleric bandages!)

Boeuf comments, "it was sure lucky that you two were here.  And, where did you get those weapons?"  Ukabuk and Duscutt explain to Boeuf that they had found the equipment in his own loft.  "Well, you're welcome to them.  Must have been left there by me grandfather long ago."  Ukabuk -- who has been training as a blacksmith -- asks, "any idea where I can get some iron or steel around here?  I'm working on a set of plate mail armor."  Boeuf suggests that they visit his friend at the next farm toward town.

That afternoon, Duscutt, studying his magic books, figures out a new spell -- Burning Hands.  And, Ukabuk fashions a shield with the bits and pieces of metal which are scattered about.  After a good night's sleep, they are off. 

Scene 2

As they reach the next farm yet again they see the signs of a struggle.  Boeuf rushes to the door of the farmhouse.  The farm owner, Lana, is collapsed in her front door.  Boeuf immediately offers aid.  Meanwhile, Duscutt peeks inside the house.  "Hey!  There are two more of those Goblins in here!"
Duscutt and Ukabuk make short order of the two Goblins while Boeuf tends to Lana.  They see another band of Goblins retreating to the north - but decide that pursuit is a bad idea at this very moment.

They rest and discuss the Goblin attacks.  After much discussion they form a plan.  Duscutt has learned the spell Disguise Self - and will cast this upon Lana.  She can then sneak to the north to see where the Goblins are holing up.

Executing the plan, Lana returns with word that she saw the Goblins entering a broken down building just a bit up the road.

Scene 3:

The adventurers rest up and head north.  They use a similar plan, with Lana disguised as a Goblin entering the run-down building.  There she sees two Goblins standing on either side of a stairway heading down beneath.  These Goblins challenge her.  One problem -- Lana doesn't speak Goblin.  Luckily Duscutt does - and he whispers the proper response to Lana (and the Goblins don't notice).

Lana attempts a backstab attack on the two guards - a total fail.  But, Ukabuk hits with a heavy crossbow bolt.  And, Duscutt and Boeuf take out the other one.

Propping up the dead guards (so that their passage might not be noticed), the party carefully descends....

At the bottom of the stairway, a hallway opens into a large room.  To the left, three Goblins are tending to something in a large pit beneath.  To the right, six Goblins are having some sort of discussion.  A boarded up opening is noted to the far right.

The four quickly create a plan.  Ukabuk goes left and takes on the three Goblins by the pit.  Duscutt goes right and uses Burning Hands to dispatch four of the Goblins.  Boeuf and Lana take on the remaining two.

Here is the scene of the attack.  We used miniatures from our Lord of the Rings set for Goblins.  We had just gotten miniatures to use our characters at Gator Games (but hadn't gotten to paint them yet.)

This works out fairly well, but 3 on 1 is tough odds for Ukabuk - who retreats when he is down to only 1 hit point "Ouch!".  Lana charges in to hold the line - and to give Boeuf a chance to heal Ukabuk.

With these Goblins out of the way, the group debate their next move.  Down pit?  Through the boarded up opening?  Or, even, call it day?  They decide to call it day - but sleep in the Goblin's Liar.  Eight hours of careful watch pass - and are uneventful....  (Duscutt takes the whole watch so that the other party members can heal.)

After the rest, Ukabuk chops away at the boarded up doorway - and opens up a hallway type passage.

Lana discovers the spider in the pile of debris!

The four explore - a small room - with some debris in the corner.  Lana quickly inspects - and jumps back from a Spider who was lurking inside.  Ukabuk quickly kills the spider - and the inspection of the corner continues.  An old sword and chest (locked) are discovered.

Wrap up:

- We worked out experience - and each character gained 300 EXP.  As we read the 5E rules, enough for 2nd level :)

- All-in-all, it was lots of fun - we are looking forward to our next session against the Goblins!

- The adventure tiles we had gotten to play Star Wars Edge of the Empire worked really well for D&D 5E as well.  Hadn't ever played with these before - but they made things super quick to set-up.

- We lit candles to play - added to the overall theme of playing D&D!

Here's a quick photo of our overall dungeon set-up.  The great thing about posting this is that we can quickly refer to the photos to set up our next campaign....

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  1. The candles...that just takes the cake! Looks like a fun game!