Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Battle Gaming One Seattle Visit -- Meeples Games

Hi everyone,

We are in Seattle for the 2014 Thanksgiving Holiday - and after looking for a fun game store to visit, we stumbled upon Meeples - a game store where you can eat food and play games!

Here is the store link:

One cool thing is that Meeples Games is up on the 2nd floor - so the store is quite large.  Lots of space for selling games, playing games and playing while eating.  (For us 40K fans, there is a whole back room with tables ready for terrain!)

Meeples Games has the whole 2nd floor of this building.  Ton of space!

We took the plunge and bought the D&D Attack Wing.  We'll have to wait for a battle of X-wings or TIE fighters against dragons until we get home - but while in Seattle we can practice with the dragons.

Meeples turned out to be great.  We love our game stores at home - but it was really cool to find a game store where we could order up lunch while we played a game of X-wing (using one of the store's many in-store boxes).

Here we are getting ready to play X-wing - the counter and kitchen are in the background!

We played a quick game with Luke's X-wing against a Black Squadron Pilot and an Academy Pilot.  The deck was stacked pretty heavily in Luke's favor - but we were OK with that, since we were mainly trying to explain the basics of the game to our honored family member(s) who had joined :)

Sure enough it was fun to play while eating lunch.  Everybody was happy - veggie things for the older ones of us; sandwiches (even gluten free options) for the younger ones of us.

Luke made short order of the two underpowered TIE fighters.  (To be expected, but was still fun.)

"Help - this is Imperial Cadet YK-431.  Need back-up!!  X-wing has me in its sights!  Aaaagh!!!"

After playing X-wing over lunch we chatted with the store owner about several other games which sound interesting....

- King of Tokyo.  The Meeples team suggested that this would be a really fun and quick game to play over lunch.  We went with X-wing - but very glad to know about a game which is quick and fun.  Sounds like in this one you get to play monsters attacking buildings ??

Meeples Games store copy of King of Tokyo

- Golem Arcana.  We got to see what was inside the demo box.  Very cool figures, maps and cards.  Sounds like you play with a "reader pen" which you use to determine how the game goes -- and you use an iPhone or iPad App to keep the game flowing.  (Almost as if the iPad takes the place of a Game Master, maybe?)

The starter box for Golem Arcana

- Marvel Dice Masters.  We chatted about this as well.  It looks very fun - lots of fun colored dice.  From Meeples' website can see that they have tournaments of this quite often....


Our top-secret Seattle informant just sent us this photo from the Seattle Times about Meeples Games (we're not the only ones who liked it)....


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