Sunday, November 16, 2014

Warhammer 40K -- League Play Week 3 [How to remember things!!!]

Hi everyone,

We've just wrapped up week #3 of our league play.  Week #3 of the progressive scheme - 1500 points - actually took us 2 weeks of playing.

Battle #1 was against Mr. M's Space Marines -- super close, but we lost.

Battle #2 was against Mr. Z's Eldar -- not as close, and we lost.

In particular, Battle #2 left us wondering:  What we can do to make sure we remember things!!!
- We had Grot Riggers in our vehicles -- forgot to use them each and every time
- Completely forgot to have our Ork Boyz assault once
- Completely forgot to have our Morkanaut move and shoot once
Arrrrgh!  I'm sure this happens to all Ork Bosses - and wonder how much they feel frustration when it does....

Ideas for Remembering:

- Mr. Z had a very cool suggestion to put a VERY BRIGHTLY COLORED Grot onto each vehicle which has Grot riggers.  This would be easy to implement, and just might do the trick

- Also wonder about making a checklist....  We could put down the timing for each thing we tend for forget.  (Grot riggers aren't the only thing we forget.  Forget to think about calling a Waaagh! as well.)

- Thinking about it -- the old Checklist idea is one which worked pretty well for us in Battletech.  We created a visual way to keep track of turns by marking different colors (one per turn) on the 'Mech sheets.  [Here's a link to that Blog posting.]  Seems that many people have good luck using dice for this sort of thing.  But, maybe for us, it's the old Clipboard and Checklist ??

Warhammer 40K Turn Checklist, Ork Turn Checklist, Managing 40K Turns, Battle Gaming One
Here's an example checklist with many of the things we tend for forget....
Battle #1 - Space Marine Civil War!  [Against Mr. M's Space Marines]
In this battle we used a 1500 point Space Marine list.  Three tank vehicles, bikes, 2 squads of scouts, veterans, librarian and captain HQs.
We knew we were in trouble when the Land Raider blew up turn #1.  But, we were able to fight back. 
Space Marine Battle, Battle Gaming One, Space Marines vs. Space Marines
Here's our initial line-up -- with Mr. M's drop-pod landing near our lines!  (And, bummer - there's a Dreadnought inside.)
The scouts perched on top of a building did a great job.  Especially the ones with sniper rifles.  Also very cool was the Thunderfire Cannon we snuck into the basement.  Probably one of these gets the MVP for our side.
Thunderfire Cannon, Warhammer 40K, Space Marine Snipers, Battle Gaming One
Here are our Scouts on the roof; Thunderfire Cannon in the basement
Our Dreadnaught did a good job in close combat.
Space Marine Dreadnought close combat, Battle Gaming One
Here is our Dreadnought in close combat with Mr. M's Warlord.
And, in the end, the battle hinged on the fact that Mr. M had 1 stealthy Marine on our side of the 12 inch line for a Line Breaker point!
Battle #2 - Fighting the Mr. Z's Eldar Titan
Aside from the grumbling earlier about (one of us) failing to remember stuff - we did successfully try several new things in this battle:
- We used the Great Waaagh! Detachment and had the Tellyporta "Deep" Strike for several of our units.  Amazingly the Morkanaut and the Battlewagon had the rolls of "6" needed!!!
- We went heavy on Nobs instead of Boyz in this battle.  Not sure we would do that again.  Ghazghkull Thraka with Boyz is pretty sweet.
Battle Gaming One, Killi-Kans, Yellow Orks
Here are our Killli-Kans making their way past the cool scenery!
Regretfully we didn't make it into close-combat with very many units in this battle.  Mr. Z was very clever moving his forces around to prevent that.
A photo of what was probably our best moment is below.  GT and his crew took out Mr. Z's tank - and then moved on to take out one squad of his troops along with his Warlord.
Ghazghkull Thraka in close combat, Orks fighting Eldar, Warhammer 40K, Battle Gaming One
Our best moment - Ghazghkull Thraka in close combat!
We did get Linebreaker points thanks to the Trukk whose Boyz lived through the battle.  (Though if GT could have gotten to them he probably would have shot them himself for forgetting to charge the Titan when they had the chance!!)
Pink Orks, Pink Orkys, Pink Trukk, Warhammer 40K, Battle Gaming One
Here is the Pink Orky's Trukk - charging up the right side of the battlefield...
In the end, things came down to the Morkanaut fighting Mr. Z's Titan.  Maybe things could have gone differently with different dice rolls.  The "Mork" still had plenty of fight in it when the game ended at the end of Turn 5.
Morkanaut fighting Eldar, Warhammer 40K, Battle Gaming One
The big battle at the end!  The Morkanaut was immobilized - very cool of Mr. Z to jump his Titan over and fight "hand-to-hand"!!
Thanks to Mr. M and Mr. Z for the very fun battles!



  1. You can go one step further with the grots. Use them as hull point markers.

    I've also seen people make battle cards for each unit, and tap them like magic cards when they use them (each phase). That way you know you went past each unit, and the cards have the units special abilities on it, so you don't forget.

  2. Really appreciate those ideas! We haven't mastered magnets yet - but maybe it is time for us to do that -- and magnetize the grots so that using them as hull point markers works nicely :)