Friday, November 21, 2014

D&D Attack Wing -- Watched demo play -- looked fun

Hi everyone,

While at Game Kastle in Fremont this Wednesday we watched a couple of people there playing D&D Attack Wing (their first game).

A few things were pretty striking....

#1 - it's a LOT like X-wing (which makes sense since it uses the same system - just as the Star Trek game does)

#2 - the dragon models are really cool looking

#3 - the points look pretty similar to X-wing points

This all has us thinking - wouldn't it be fun to figure out some way to play with Star Wars fighters and D&D dragons at the same time.

Might be a bit crazy - but also might be fun to try.  (We were thinking that this might be even more cool if we played it with a Warhammer 40K terrain or table-top.)

Pretty sure we'll discuss this more and then maybe try it out :)

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