Friday, November 7, 2014

Warhammer 40K -- All of the Ghazghkull Rules

Hi everyone,

After playing last week, we were struck by the number of rules sending us back and forth in the Ork Codex for Ghazghkull Thraka.  So, decided to make a bit of a "cheat sheet" to help us remember everything.

Well - then we started reading the GT supplement and it really started getting deep.

[And, it seemed like a really good idea to know all of the rules - because even though he's 225 points, we seem to have pretty good luck with Ghazghkull.]

Please let us know if you see errors in our thinking (pretty sure there are lots of them)....  [For example, we can't figure out what a Waaagh Banner is - and where the rules are for points for one.]

  • Cybork body (pg 98)
    • Means Feels No Pain 6+
    • (But if we use our Dok, then this is a Feels no Pain 5+)
  • Mega armour (pg 99)
    • Means 2+ Armor save, Bulky and Slow and Purposeful
      • Means no running (except for in a Waaagh)
  • Big shoota (pg 96)
    • Standard Big Shoota
  • Power klaw (pg 93)
    • Standard Power klaw
  • Bosspole (pg 98)
    • Means We have re-rolls on the Mob Rule
  • Stikkbombs (pg 98)
    • Standard Skikkbombs

Special Rules:
  • ‘Ere we go (pg 92)
  • Eternal Warrior
    • Means Instant Death drops to 1 Wounds vs. 0 Wounds
  • Furious Charge
    • Means Adds +1 to Strength until end of Assault phase
      • Only if an “Orderly Charge”
  • Independent Character
  • Mob Rule (pg 92)
  • Waaagh!

Warlord Trait:
  • Prophet of the Waaagh! (pg 92)
    • When calling Waaagh, since has Waaagh special rule – he and all friendly units with ‘Ere We Go are Fearless until start of next turn
  • Prophet of Gork and Mork
    • If GT is your warlord, when he calls a Waaagh! then
      • Means GT gains 2+ Inv save until start of next turn
      • Means GT and others in mega armour can ru

Runts and Squigs
  • These seems like a great way (for only a few points) to extend what GT can do.  A re-roll of a critical shot or attack....
  • Maybe even more vital is adding these to our Dok ??

 One wound down, but still charging forward at the end of our last battle....
PS:  Are the rules for GT having a strong head and its bonuses still valid?  Or were those from an older Codex?  (We're guessing older Codex - but we just watched a sequence about this on Youtube.)


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  1. Thanks to help from a question on the DakkaDakka site - figured out the Waaagh banner - that is only for units of Nobs! On p. 66 of the Ork Codex :)