Monday, November 24, 2014

Warhammer 40K -- Old School Warhammer Models (Blood Angels)

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we got a bunch of cool "old school" Warhammer 40K things from Mrs. D off craigslist.  (Mrs. D sold them for a friend whose son was no longer into Warhammer 40K.)  Was a bit of a long drive to get them - but lots of fun (the drive and playing with the new things).

Here was the craigslist post image from Mrs. D

Getting the Blood Angels - and the single squad of Ork Boyz out of their boxes kept the trip home lively.  When we stopped (for lunch) we set up some quick battle scenarios on the back deck of the car...

Battle set up on the back deck of the car

A few things we noticed as we pawed through our new army additions....

1) "In the old days" the paint names were great (very good for beginning people like us).  No questions about which model gets painted "Ultramarines Blue".

Paints with straightforward names like Skull White, Blood Red, Dark Angels Green, etc... 

Blood red spray paint!

2) The boxes were pretty cool.  They had inner boxes - with outer shells.  Unlike today, can imagine keeping your finished models inside (in case they needed to sit in the closet or garage for a bit.)Also noticed that the names of things have changed a bit over time.  "Space Orks" has been shortened to "Orks".

Here's an old Blood Angels Box - with inner lining box

And, a Space Ork Boyz "Battle Squad" box.  (We did get some barrels - maybe they came with the Space Ork Boyz....)

And, the box set - maybe this is where the metal models came from?

3) Mrs. D's friend's son has posters.  Here's a picture of a great one with Predator tanks and their internal construction.  This one is going up on the wall!

Predator tank poster

4) The metal figures feel REALLY substantial.  It was a fun puzzle figuring out which arms and backpacks had gone with which models.  And, we had to donate a few extras from our pile of bits.  But, we got everyone back into working shape!

The tactical squad models are metal - a little bit of battlefield first aid required to get the unit back into fighting shape....

5) Blood Angels are super colorful.  Wonder if this bright red fades on people - and if we're lucky that these were sitting in a garage somewhere.  Regardless, they are bright red right now.

Super bright Blood Angels, Tank and Land Speeder

6) It's cool to have gotten a box set with some scenery in it - this will likely get us motivated.

Here's the inside of the box-set.  We haven't resurrected the trees yet - that'll be our next challenge.

7) The Space Marines at our house now grossly outnumber the Orks (especially the Pink Orks).  Going to make things tough for the Orks!!

The single squad of Ork Boyz is ready to take on the Blood Angels and their battle brother Ultramarines!

Close up view of the battle....

One more view of the battle.... 
We're now pretty inspired after seeing these Blood Angels to work on decals for the Ultramarines we've already gotten.  Watched a few videos on Youtube - and saw that there is stuff to put under the decal.  Wondering if this is what helps prevent the puckering of the decal?

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  1. Some really great suggestions on decals from DakkaDakka experts....

    - cut slits in the decals where possible
    - trim very tightly - perhaps more than just the standard
    - for Ultramarine's omega "U" cut a slit down the middle

    And some very helpful links: