Saturday, November 8, 2014

Warhammer 40K -- Dakka Chugga Update

Hi everyone,

The Dakka Chugga is making steady progress.  Here are the big steps forward....

[Here is a link to our "fluff fuction Chapta 1 - of the Pink Orks finding the hulk of the Dakka Chugga:]

1) Decided (with some amount of back and forth) which Lionel steam engine and tender combination to chop up and have the Pink Orks "loot."

Dakka Chugga, Pink Orks, Ork Train, Battle Gaming One
Here were our options for the Dakka Chugga.  We made one look rusty (the one the Pink Orks "discovered" - and we're looting another one).

Battle Gaming One, Dakka Chugga, Ork Train, Lionel Train
Here's the selected Dakka Chugga - ready to start work!

2) Created a "shop plan."  Turns out that the Pink Orkys had a Big Mek helping them out - and he had several ideas of what should be done.

Dakka Chugga plan, Battle Gaming One, Steam Engine for Orks, 40K Train

A Tyranid is trying out the Tenda.  Coal is removed.  We'll make a box to hold the 'Nid Bits - and the set up an Ork Boy or Grot to chuck the 'Nid Bits into the Burna.

3) Some very helpful responses on Dakka Dakka helped us have more Orky Bits for the looting process.

4) Tyranids....  We decided that the "fluff" of the story would be that a group of Tyranids attacked the Pink Orkys just as they discovered the Dakka Chugga's rusting hulk.  A battle ensued -- with the Pink Orks triumphant in their pink armor glory.  Then, came the bright idea to burn the Tyranids as fuel in the Dakka Chugga!  All good - but we needed some Tyranids that we could pile up in the tender.  Bought a bunch of quite broken ones from eBay (didn't seem right to chop up perfectly good Tyranids).  So, we have them painted and in rough working order to stage the battle (going to try today)!!  Then, YES - we will CHOP 'EM UP and STUFF 'EM IN DA TENDA!

 Here are the Tyranids we got from eBay.  Here we've primed them - but haven't gotten limbs back on yet.
Here are our Tyranids pieced back together and painted.  We had to used some arms to fashion legs - but it's not too obvious in this picture (is it??).  We tried out air-brushing to paint them quickly.  The Pink Orky's Deff Dread in the background....

5) Lighting electronics.  We have the lighting board for LEDs to make the fire-box light up (with the burning 'Nids).  Had really nice conversations with Chris who runs this company - great guy - board works EXTREMELY well.  One change - the Big Mek didn't know just how full the Dakka Chugga is with hardware.  He was thinking to put the lighting board and battery into the Chugga itself.  Instead, going to mount those in the Tenda and run wiring back to the Chugga.  (Here's a link to Powered Play Gaming.)

Here our lighting package - really easy to use :)

6) Sound electronics.  Still need to get the sound board.  Thinking to get this one.  Then can play Ozzie "Crazy Train" and other good Ork music as the Dakka Chugga steams (charges) forward into battle!  (Here is a link to the Voodoo Fx board we are planning to use.)

7) Looting!!  We have a turret built for the Dakka Chugga.  It's fashioned out of Orky Bits, Bomb parts and some random tank parts we had accumulated.  Have a Trukk driver type guy in the turret.  Fashioned a gun sight for him (not that he needs it with his Ballistic Skill of 2!!)

Dakka Chugga, Battle Gaming One, 40K Train, Steam Engine, Ork Train, Ork Looted Train
Some of our first work "Looting" the Dakka Chugga - lots more to do.  Needs far more points, spikes and Ork Teknology on it!

Anyway - it's coming along - appreciated all of the support when we first thought about this.  Goal is to have this running by Winter Holiday time.  After all - it will run on Lionel Track!!  So, yes, indeed we can have a Pink Ork Waaagh! around the Christmas Tree :)

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