Saturday, September 12, 2015

Back to work on Da Pain Train (40K Ork Looted Wagon Locomotive #2)

Hi everyone,

Is there such a thing as writer's block when it comes to modeling?

We had been charging forward with our plans to build Ork locomotive looted wagon #2 -- in this case, the Eldar conversion of a GE 44-Ton switch engine (Wikipedia link).  But, then we sort of ran out of steam....

In case you missed it, here's the write-up of locomotive looted wagon #1 -- the Dakka Chugga  And, here's the Dakka Chugga in motion -- short Youtube video.

Anyway, we are moving forward again.  Have had some ideas on how what the Ork meks might do in order to maximize the firepower of this vehicle.

Here's a quick update on our progress....

Da Pain Train; Ork Looted Wagon; Ork Train; 40K Train; Eldar Looted Wagon
Here is Da Pain Train as it stands right now.  Here you can also see the single-motor Lionel locomotive base.  We have started working on a piloting kokkpit in the front.

Ork Train; Ork Looted Wagon; Warhammer Train; Warhammer 40K Train
Here's how Da Pain Train will look when the shell is on top. 

We started working on a weapon for a second turret in the front.  We got some bits (a broken Eldar Fire Prism model) at the Game Kastle swap meet this summer.  And, we had an old plastic army men tank turret.  So, we carved a spot to mount the prism weapon in the turret.  Only issue is that the prism is metal and the turret is light plastic.  So, right now we're working on adding counter weight to the turret (gluing some metal hardware such as nuts and washers in there).

Fire Prism Looted Wagon; 40K Fire Prism
Here is our Fire Prism turret weapon.  We'll have to work on what the Orks will call it.

Also thinking that an Orky weapon might be an Eldar jetbike strapped to a movable arm.  Probably going to mount a Grot to operate the Jetbike-Arm weapon.  It'll be able to cover a strange arc on the port side of the vehicle by rotating up/down or swinging in/out.

JetBike Weapon for Orks; Looted JetBike; Battlegaming One
 Here is the work-in-progress for our Jetbike-Arm-Weapon

We are going to have a pilot in the very front of the vehicle.  He fits in there pretty well.  He will like up when the locomotive moves because the kokkpit happens to be right on top of the Lionel shell's old-school incandescent bulb.

Ork Kokkpit; Ork Cockpit; Ork Driver; Ork Driva; Battlegaming One
Here is our Ork Driva!

We are going to add some other hacked up Eldar pieces in the back.  Won't help with when Da Pain Train tries to go through any tunnels!  But, gives us a way to mount more of the Eldar propulsion to it.  Also, thinking that we're going to carve our a place to stand for a Grot or Ork in those Eldary-holes in the wing thingys back there.

Looting Eldar Rockets; Looting Eldar Bits; Ork Looted Wagon with Eldar
Here is a look at our way to get even more propulsion onto Da Pain Train

We do have a few more Eldar bits.  Thinking about what to do with them.  We have some pod-like attachments to mount on the top turret.  Not sure what to do with some of the Eldar figures we've got.  Going to do something with them - mount them as an Ork trophy somewhere maybe.  Don't want to be quite as gruesome as we were with the Tyranids on the Dakka Chugga.  Doesn't seem quite right with Eldar.  (That's probably not very good Ork thinking!!)

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