Monday, September 7, 2015

Building a Stompa Cockpit (Kokkpit) - Warhammer 40K

Hi everyone,

When we were playing our campaign, the fun fighting between our two Ork Supreme Warbosses -- the "twins" Fork and Spork was a lot of fun.

It made a lot of sense that "brothers" like these would fight all of the time.  In fact, our idea of the history of Fork and Spork is that grew from a mutated spore -- figuring that they did their very early growing in too much of a Warp field -- and ended up with a shared body.

Here is our model of "young" Fork (right) and Spork (left)

Later in life (after the huge argument where they fought themselves apart), they are still fighting.  And, we wanted to have a Stompa Cockpit to use as the setting for fun scenarios such as Spork stealing Fork's Stompa.

Here are adult, Supreme Warboss Fork (right) and Spork (left)

 Here's a quick look at what we created....

To start out our Stompa Kokkpit, we built a base with a sheet of thick plastic.  Then, using our I-beams (Link to our posting with Seth's advice to use real things for real things) built a structure around the base.

We had a couple of other old Lionel steam locomotive model shells which were cracked (not pretty).  So, we cut these up to create some of the flat panels pieces for the cockpit structure.

Here is our Stompa Cockpit base with some work done on the walls

Once that was done, we starting adding bitz.  Mounted a Tyranid head on the wall on the right-hand side.  Some display screens and transmitter bitz from Space Marines models.  Also some Orky symbols.  We figured there would be trap-doors so that Grots could move around inside the Stompa -- so we added those in the floor.

Here is how things looked with more bitz added to the Stompa

Then, we started playing around with taking photos with Fork and Spork inside.  We had imagined the two of them fighting over ownership of the Stompa while inside the Kokkpit.  But, you know know what??  It's really, really hard to light up a movie set when it's a dark Stompa structure.  Easy to get too much light.  Very hard to get the light going in in the directions we wanted.

And, also, very, very hard to paint inside a Stompa Kokkpit.  Hard to reach your hand in and now end up with paint on things you didn't intend.  So, we are still working on the painting.

Here's Spork inside the Stompa Kokkpit

We're still in awe of the Stompa shown in this blog posting.  Pretty cool that they built this model so that you could lift the outer lid off and see the inner workings!  Maybe something to keep in mind for another modeling project.

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