Monday, June 26, 2017

Repainting old 40K terrain

Hi everyone,

A while back we came to realize that there had been some Games Workshop / Forgeworld terrain pieces -- such as the ones with the crashed Imperial flyer (the Aquila Lander which has crashed on Macragge).

After a bit of a search, we found some affordable ones on eBay - and have had fun with them several times.

Here is our Aquila Lander Crash site terrain as purchased on eBay.  We realized that as our painting skills had progressed, we could improve on the original artists paint-job.

Then, more recently, we got to talking about dry-brushing.  And, a more crude version we've used quite a bit -- painting with a hunk of foam :)

And...  several times recently we've worked on repainting our Battletech minis.  This is mainly because our painting skills are getting better -- and we realize that we can now do fun things like make cockpit windows look more high tech than we might have in the past (etc....)  When we've done that, we've worked on stripping paint off (Wow! we used to use think globs of paint) -- and then repainted.

However, since this lander was supposed to be a dirty wreck, we tried out the following -- new primer, then attack with drush sponging.

 Here are the models after we primed them....

And, our friends at the Warhammer store in Reno taught us about painting the blue and green tinted GW paint over silver to make cool high-tech glass effects -- so we took a shot at those as well.  [In this case we used a scramble of blue and green tint over silver.]

And, here's our repaint effort so far.

Our take-away from the project -- never give up on old models!!!  (If nobody else will use them, Orks can always loot them!)

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