Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Spork and Fork's 40K Ork Tie Fighter - Progress Report

We're thinking it's a pretty common question -- "What happened to Darth Vader after Episode 4?"  And, from what we read, the answer is that he managed to fly to a nearby space station.
Darth Vader's TIE fighter spins out of control after crash with his wing-man....

The next question isn't answered very well -- "What happened to Darth Vader's TIE Advanced after the space station team jettisoned it as trash??"

Here's what really happened :)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Spork and Fork's trusty Ork Hulk the Da Runcible of Ruin burst from the warp.

The Warbosses found themselves in the midst of a huge pile of debris....  

[Why?  It must be that the intensely Waaaagh-warfare filled warp energy had drawn them across space and time to a location near Yavin.] 

Fork:  "Doze squishy 'umies been fightin' 'ere!!"
Spork:  "Yeah!  And, look ats all of duh great dakka we cud loot from dem!!!   Waaaaagh!!!"

And, so, we have started to build a model of the Ork-looted TIE Advanced :)

Key points of the project:
  • Project costs have been low.  We got the TIE Advanced for $3 at a thrift shop

Here is our humble TIE Advanced as purchased from the thrift store.  No cockpit hatch; no Darth Vader miniature....
  • Decision have been challenging.  There are so many options of what to add (or subtract) from a TIE fighter.
We decided to add Ork flyer wings to the TIE fighter.  This gave us a place to mount more dakka -- with swing-mounted guns (looted from Imperial forces).
  • Wires and hoses.  We are certainly going to use Mr. S's advice from Game Kastle -- and use real things to represent real things.  Going to have hoses and wires all over when we are finished.
  • What to call it?  We still have no idea.
  • Adding metal.  Why?  So that Orks and Grots with magnet boots can stand all over the place on it.
The Orks use a lot of metal -- not that funny carbon fiber stuff -- to patch up the TIE fighter.  This also gives spots for the Ork Nobs with magnet boots to stand :)
  • It needs real engines.  Orks have no idea what makes a TIE fighter move.  They need things which are more burny and shooty.
Fork and Spork's Ork Mek got the power plant hatch open on the TIE Advanced -- and decided to keep it propped open so that they could tap in to this to power the systems they were adding to the fighter....

 The Mek added thrusters from a Space Marine speeder to the back of the TIE.  An exhaust pipe was also added -- 'cause there will be a lot more smoke coming from the TIE fighter now

The Orks added more good stuff to the bottom - this is one of the places where we'll add hoses and wires :)
  • Other Star Wars models to loot?  Who knows what else is in that field of debris ??  And, well, we already have an X-wing and a Snow-speeder on the Ork-Mek-Chopping-Block!!

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