Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Warhammer 40K: Playing in a League

Hi everyone,

Sunday (our first day playing in the 40K League) was extremely fun!

Here are a few of the highlights:

- Met Mr. L - who is the League coordinator.  He explained the plan.

- Week 1 (which we missed) -- 500 point army
- Week 2 (which we were there for) -- 750 point army
- Week 3 (which will be this coming Sunday) -- 1000 point army
- Week 4 (week following that) -- guessing this will be 1250 ??  Will have to ask Mr. L.

Mr. L suggested that we start out by playing a catch-up battle of 500 points.

So, we got to work creating a 500 point list - quickly.  Here's what we came up with:
  • Good old GT (Ghazghkull Thraka).  He's 225 points.  And, that's a whole lot for one character.  But, the bottom line is that for us as beginners, we seem to have a harder time goofing up with him than we do with others....
  • The Yellow Orky's Killikans.  With those Gretchins as pilots they shoot well - and do well in close fighting.
  • The Pink Ork Boyz plus a nob.
  • The Pink Orky's Gretchins.
Battle #1:

  • Ended up playing Mr. M and his mighty Space Marines!
    • He brought a Librarian -- so this ended up being our first experience against psychic powers.  And, please let us say that emfeeblement was a massive bummer for GT and his Ork Boyz!
  • Battle went well - the Killikans did nicely as did GT.
  • The Gretchins were quickly wiped out without doing much.  (Need to figure out how to handle them better -- put them in a Trukk?)
  • Mr. M was extremely helpful and nice.  Offered strategies.  This was extremely cool of him considering that in the end it was a tie on points.  So, league-wise he helped us by offering those suggestions.
  • The terrain was extremely cool - took a photo post-battle of one of our favorites pieces with Ghazghkull and the Yellow Orky Killikans trudging by the chemical swamp....
Battle #2:

Ghazghkull Thraka leads the Pink Orky's charge!
  • Played against Mr. Z and his super-fast Eldar.
    • This was a first for us.  Never played against Eldar before.  It's cool that their fragile - but a bit challenging in how quickly and how far they can move!!!
  • Battle was 750 points - so we added to our army
    • Unit of Warbikers
    • Power klaws on Ork Boyz
    • Unit of Nobs (they did quite well!!)
    • Painboy (a first try for us)
  • The battle was the scenario which is diagonal -- and with objectives.
    • That was both good and bad for us :)
    • Good - diagonal was easier to reach the middle - seemed to be easier for charging in!
    • Bad - we didn't do our best strategy thinking with the objectives
  • Mr. Z was just as helpful and cool about the battle as Mr. M had been.  And, the game actually came down to whether or not we would end early or play more turns.  We rolled - it was over - for Mr. Z won.
    • With Mr. Z's help, we had actually done some damage to several of the Eldar units.  It's possible that if we'd played 1 more turn, we might have gotten more objectives and challenged his final score numbers.  But, it didn't - game ended - and Mr. Z won the battle.
  • PS:  In this type of battle, our charge in with the Warbikers sort of back-fired because it turned into a point when Mr. Z killed off this "fast attack" unit.  Need to think about that for the future.
All in all, a very exciting day.  Really looking forward to next Sunday and playing some more!

Stitched back together by the Pain Boy - the Pink Orkys are ready for the next battle!

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