Sunday, October 5, 2014

Star Wars X-wing: A weekend of preparation

Hi everyone,

We have signed up for the challenge of playing Star Wars X-wing at the tournament at Gator Games next weekend.  (Link to the event details)

So, we've played quite a bit this weekend - working on getting ourselves to the place where we are at least decent with some of the trickier rules.  (We'll see how it goes!)

A few things along the way:

1) It bugged us to have the brown table top as our "space background".  So, we found a solution.  Black foam-core board for presentations which is either 24" x 36" - or - if you unfold it, the recommended 36" x 36" - or even double unfolded to 48" x 36" (we figure for bigger point battles).

Star Wars X-wing beginners, Battle Gaming One

Here's the foam-core board we got at Staples

Fighting on black space background is much more cool.

Dropped the foam core onto the table and we were in business!

2) We found some more models - even the elusive Millennium Falcon thanks to an east coast game store :)

Beginning Star Wars X-Wing, Battle Gaming One
Sure enough - looks more like an outer-space battle

3) We started thinking about what would be fun to create and blog about....  The Death Star trench attack run!

There have been some really impressive things done along these lines.  Ours - going to be pretty simple.

- We unfolded a long-ish cardboard box - and wrangled into a trench shape.  It's about 6' - 8' long.  (A good lunch trench run of several turns we figure.)  Disclaimer - it's a bit wide - probably no challenge for Luke - but a) it's the box we had; b) we're not always to great a navigation - so we need the help :)

Testing out our liberated cardboard box - Death Star trench

- Then, with some pink foam we reinforced it so that it would stand up.

Pink foam braces to hold up the sides

How to make a Death Star Trench, Battle Gaming One, Star Wars X-Wing
Our trench so far!

- That's as far as we've gotten.  Next steps will be:  Add sticker paper with cool Death Star surface details (like this very cool person did) - we have already purchased the PDF file from as the same cool person did (link to that site).  And, we want to build some turbo-laser towers.  After looking hard at pictures from the movie, think we can make this from pink foam as well.

We'll report back in when we have the Death Star ready to go !!

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