Saturday, October 25, 2014

Plans for tomorrow - X-wing game today

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow will be attempting something new for us -- going to try playing in a 40K session at Game Kastle in Fremont, CA.  Sounds like this event is part of an "escalation" series - maybe this is just the first session.  We hear that beginners are welcome (that's us) so we'll try it out :)

Not sure if we'll be packing up the Space Marines or the Orkys for tomorrow.  Probably the Orkys.  We have some new members of the pink and yellow factions who are itching to fight.

[Link to the Game Kastle, Fremont calendar.]

Couple of other updates....


- Played X-wing with Mr. E and Ms. P today.  Also pulled in Artist Expert for a full-blown 5-person game.

- We stacked the deck for those who were playing for the first time - rebels had LOTS of upgrades.

- Sure enough the Empire was defeated.  However, should note that the Empire did put the Millenium Falcon 1 damage card away from being blown into space-dust.  And, also good to note that lessons from the tournament turned out to be well learned - didn't fly into anywhere near as many asteroids.  [Link to our blogging about the 1st ever tournament for the Battle Gaming crew - where we went 0 for 3 in battles - but learned a LOT!]

- Need to brush up on the rules for gunners in the MF.  Think we got that right - but feeling a little bit unsure.

- And (updated posting) found some Y-wings and a Tie Advanced on eBay.  Had been a bit stumped on where to find those - and really wanted to try out the trench battle with them in place.  Can do now after they arrive (from Colorado!)  [Link to our Death Star trench blogging.]

- Really excited to try them out in a battle (especially excited about the trench).  There is a droid in the Y-wing expansion which seems really cool - can recover damage cards ??!!  Maybe that's even better than what R2-D2 can do?

Batlte Gaming One, Y-wings, Death Star
Gold Squadron (well, maybe a little bit short of a squadron) ready to attack the Death Star

Darth's TIE Advanced, X-wing, Death Star, Battle Gaming One
"I'm on the leader!"

Other 40K news:

- Lots of progress on the Dakka Chugga.  Will post an update shortly - but starting to glue pieces together now!

- Tried out air-brushing.  Wow!  That is a fast way to paint!  It was much easier than we had figured.  (Painted the under-side of the Pink Orkys flyer.)

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