Saturday, October 11, 2014

X-wing: Pre-tournament blog

Hi everyone,

We are two hours from our first tournament (where we play).

We're heading to the X-wing tournament at Gator Games.

We posted to ask for some advice on the Fantasy Flight Games website - got some really helpful advice.  (Here's a link to that.)

Basic suggestions for our first tournament:

1) Good confirmation that pre-measuring is not OK in X-wing.  Proper play involves "eye-balling" the moves.

2) Go with a small number of good ships.

We are planning to use the following:

- Tie fighter - Mauler Mithel
- Tie fighter - Howlrunner
- Tie defender - Onyx Squadron Pilot
- Tie phantom - Shadow Squadron Pilot

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Some debate over whether to spend the 6 points that would leave on Ion Cannons - or whether to spend on pilot upgrades like Predator and Marksmanship.  We'll take all of these with us and make a game-time decision.

By the way, a bit reluctant to use the Tie phantom - the cloaking rules seem a bit unnatural.  But, going to try it anyway...

3) Keep the Tie fighters in formation.

Wow - that turns out to be tricky!  The classic would be to execute a corpen or wheel turn - but that's not really easy in X-wing.  Really curious to see how others do it (or if they even do).

The Corpen or Wheel Turn
(Link to some classic Navy ship formation patterns)

Some quick observations of the turn templates.  Gentle 1 and Gentle 2 (or 2 and 3) hold ships abreast in the first rank - but not the second.  So, an S-turn will work, but a full right hand turn is tough.

The hard turns are tricky.  The pitch between 1, 2 and 3 is so tight that you can't get ships to track in an abreast formation unless the inner ship turns 1 and the outer ship turns 3.

Will post shortly with how we do :)

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