Sunday, May 24, 2015

Orky Things (things that make us say "Waaagh!")

Hi everyone,

We thought we would write a little bit about the things we have found in everyday life which we find to be "Orky!"  They certainly do seem to show up more and more often!


We found an Ork Font just recently -- is going to help us add quotes to our Ork Photos!

This is called "Battle Breath" -- got it on

Re-created our Battle Fleet Gothic photos with the new "Battle Breath" Orky Font!


We have discussed this quite a bit.  One of us proposes George Thorogood and the Destroyers' "Bad to the Bone" is Orky music - but we're not what else.  (Youtube video)

Video Games

- Bad Piggies.  We know Bad Piggies as the phone app (iPhone and iPad for us) which was created by the same people who made Angry Birds.

In Bad Piggies, the player gets to build various crazy contraptions -- and try to drive or fly them to a destination.  Pretty simple - but there are some great viations to the builds.  Umbrella for flapping; rockets for launching; suction-cup wheels (for going up-side-down)....   Many of these end up with builds which remind us of Ork Trukks and Fightas!

- Skylanders Trap Team  There are several characters in Skylanders Trap Team which are totally Orky. 

Here are a few:  Shrednaught (check out that big chain saw -- which swings around the vehicle)....

Tread-Head (check out the guy riding inside of his tread!  His attack -- drive over the top of people!)

Jawbreaker (looks a little bit like an Ork Walker!)

And, Bruiser Cruiser (this looks like a Grot in a Killikan to us!)

  • Mad Max, Fury Road  Wow!  Could have used the Ork Codex as a checklist while watching the latest Mad Max movie.  Got to watch Orky No-wats one after another.  Boarding ramps, reenforced rams, don't touch dat, etc....  Was really cool to see :)
If this doesn't say BattleWagon, not sure what does!


- Demolition Derby.  We think the best Orky sport has got to be Demolition Derby!  (Youtube video)  Where else do you weld together something that will run - and then crash into all of the cars around you!  [Watching these cars run with flat tires and blown radiators seems like the very definition of Ramshackle!]

PS:  We didn't know this - but there are RV, school bus and combine demolition derbies as well!!

 The LA County Fair Demolition Derby from 2013 - Very Orky!

Books / novels

There aren't lots and lots of things to read from the Ork point of view.  We have found a few posts here and there which have helped out.  Here are some of the ones we've found and liked!

- Book about an Ork Mek building a Stompa:  Engine of Mork by Sandy Mitchell [we got an electronic copy of this for reading on the phone]....

- Graphic Novel / Comics about Ork Fightas:  Deff Skwadron by Gordon Rennie & Paul Jeacock [we've read this on-line]....

- Blood and Thunder by Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton [we got a compilation graphic novel with the whole story off of]

We'll keep our eyes open for more Orky things!

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