Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hose and Wire Maker from Poland (Better 40K Models!)

Hi everyone,

We got our "Hose and Wire Maker" from Forge Planet in Poland two days ago -- and we thought we'd write about how it has worked out :)

Searching for ways to make hoses and wires to add to our Fork and Spork models (link to that work) and to our second Ork Train (link to that as well), we had watched this Youtube video where a person in Poland demonstrates using a little hand-press to make hoses and tubes and wires.

Here's a link to the Youtube video

And, here's a link to the Polish company's website

It looks very each and fun in his video -- but we weren't sure if we should order one 'all the way from Poland.'  But, after chatting with Mr's Z and L about "how do you make hoses and pipes" it seemed that this was a credible solution.

Hose and Pipe Maker; Forge Planet; Warhammer 40K; Battle Gaming One

 Our shipment from Poland :)

Well, sure enough, the package arrived.  At first, when the Post Office said where the package was from, was wondering what we had ordered "from Portland" -- but turned out to be our shipment "from Poland"....  Not everyday you get a box from Poland -- cool the see the stamps!

Note to everyone, that there is going to be some assembly required.  The pieces of the little hand press arrive sort of like a Games Workshop model.  Still on the sprue and also with some flashing -- so we'll need to cut that part off.

Hose and Pipes; Forge Planet; Battle Gaming One
Here are our pressing parts.  As you can see we have a little bit of work to do to have everything looking spiffy -- that's OK -- impressed that it works!

But, that's OK with us.  The cool thing is that the little hand-press works!  We took a stab at things we had seen in the video before we had cut all of the flashing off.  Dang-it the little thing is slick.  You end up with tubes and hoses just like he does in the Youtube video -- and we're pretty much rookies at trying this thing.

In the picture below is the base of the hand-press.  The idea is to put a bottom half of the press into the slot in the base.  To try things out, we just used the base as the flat surface to test with.  And, worked pretty well....

Battle Gaming One; How to make hoses from Green Stuff; Hoses and Pipes
Tried the press tools out using the base -- adding water the way the person did in the video helped out!  Recommend that!

Here are some of our trials.  Different hoses....  Tried to make an Ork "horn" -- not too bad....

Forge Planet; Hose and Pipes from Green Stuff; Battle Gaming One
Here are our very first trials.  Not too bad, right?  It was really easy to shape them after we had rolled them into these patterns.

So, now that we have this working, here's the order list for the hand-press hose and wire shop....

1) Need to make some hoses and wires to connect Spork's backpack to his Power-Spork.  Should be pretty easy -- doesn't need to be much longer than the ones in our trials.

2) Going to make some bundles and set of cables and hoses to go from the "engine" of Da Pain Train up to the "turret" -- to transfer power so to speak....  This will be a little more tricky because we're going to need to figure out some way to splice sections together to make some which are ~ 3 inches long.

Will let everyone know how those go :) 

UPDATE June 2nd, 2015:

In addition to practicing with the little press, we've also found a place where we can get little miniatures tubes (in long sections) and also gotten some coaching on using actual wire to model large cables.  Here is our blog posting about that.  Plan is to put all of these skills together and get to work on Da Pain Train!

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