Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Playing Battlefleet Gothic - Orks vs. Imperium

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we had a chance to play Battlefleet Gothic against Mr. M over at Game Kastle.

Our takeaway is that the game is extremely fun.  Sort of felt like a mix between X-Wing (which is very fast and simple to play) and Battletech (which can be pretty complicated to play).

Our game ended up taking about 3 hours - but we were consulting the rules pretty often - and weren't super familiar with the table which determines how many dice to roll.

The Ork Force:

The Ork Force

Supreme Warboss Fork sent the following 900 point force into battle.  Mission:  "Hit da humies!"

From near to far in the photo:
- Savage Gunships = 3 (squadron)
- Kill Kroozer = 1
- Brute Ram Ships = 4 (squadron)
- Kill Kroozer = 1
- Terror Ships = 2 (squadron)

We had messed up and missed the rule which required us to have a Warboss aboard a ship if we had over 600 points in our force.  Showed this to Mr. M and we agreed to play on regardless.

Here's our view of Mr. M's Imperium fleet....

Mr. M's forces

Mr. M didn't deploy his Battleship (not enough points) -- and that was probably good news for us.  However, the ship in the upper corner did have a Nova Cannon -- and another of his Battle Cruisers had an extremely long 60 cm firing range!

And, so -- the battle started.  Ork tactics?  Charge straight ahead!  [The Fleet equivalent of Waaagh!]

The Orks charge forward and fire!

We launched our Fighta Bommas along with Gunship escorts from the Terror Ships.  And, sent them off after the Nova Cannon toting Battle Cruiser.  (We were worried!)

We were also now in range for shots straight ahead against the main body of Mr. M's force.  Several of those hit - but Mr. M's shields held up to the damage.

The Terror Ships Launch!
Then, Mr. M fired back!  The Nova Cannon hit one of our Killa Kroozers (luckily no critical damage); and Mr. M fired hard against the Ramships (two were wiped out).  He also put some damage into the Terror Ships.

Mr. M fires back at us!

And, we kept charging in....  At one point things were looking good for Fork's Ork Fleet.  The Terror ships were able to cross behind the Nova Cannon Battle Cruiser.  And, a Warp Core explosion had damaged some of Mr. M's other ships.

One of our best moments!

Here's a look at the Terror Ships behind that Battle Cruisers.  Extremely cool the geometries that ended up occurring in this battle!

Crossing behind the enemy!

We learned a lot about Warp Core explosions.  Something to be mindful of, to be certain!!!

Also - as Fork's Orks continued to charge forward there were multiple broadsides.  It seemed cool that we were in there -- but in hind-sight, one thing we should have done was "point" the enemy more.  Ork ships in a broadside didn't seem to be as powerful as Ork ships straight ahead.

Lots of action in the middle of the board!

And, the end game....  It ended up as a 2-2 duel.  (The Killa Kroozers didn't survive the charge down the middle of Mr. M's ships.)

But, the Orks couldn't manage to reload the Terror Ships.  A big lesson in setting up squadrons and leadership numbers.  Couldn't manage to roll a 6 or less on two dice....

So, in the 2-2 duel, the Terror ships had guns only -- and the other issue was that we didn't do well getting spun around to charge right at one of the ships.

We tried for the same tactic of charging down the middle -- but that was a boo-boo.  Terror Ships' side guns aren't as powerful as Killa Kroozer side guns -- and all we could manage was to drop Mr. M's shields only to have them go up again the next turn....

Our two Terror Ships trying the double-broadside against Mr. M's two remaining ships.  (Not a good idea in retrospect!)

End result?  Mr. M picked apart the two Terror Ships - and we did lose.

But, it was really fun!  Really great that Mr. M proposed that we try this out :)

Lots of lessons learned:
- Need Ork Warboss (our mistake on that rule)
- Make squadrons such that Terror Ships have high leadership
- Consider charging straight ahead -- fewer broadsides

Quick post update:
- Seeing that there are lots of people out there who are still working hard at playing BFG.  Feeling good to know that because this was really fun to play.  Really excited by this blog post of a person who is scratch-building an Ork fleet:  Vongutenboom Blog Ork BFG Post


  1. Amazing Report! Hope to see many more!

  2. Me too, Quite funny. It is nice to still see Ork almirants.