Friday, May 8, 2015

40K Campaign Beginning (Incoming Message)

Hi everyone,

Will be playing a 40K Campaign -- our friend Mr. M running the campaign; playing with Mr's L, Z and C....

Below is the exciting Astropathic Transmission Mr. M shared which has started things off.

+++Incoming Astropathic Transmission+++
+++Authentication::Matteo Morellis:: Captain 8th Company+++
+++Origin ::Segmentum Tempestus+++
+++To::Pedro Kantor, Chapter Master::Eyes Only+++
–Begin Message–

My Lord,
We have received a partial astropathic distress signal from the rogue trader Van Buran’s cruiser indicating that it was under attack by unknown Xenos in the Pythos system. The transmission reports that the rogue trader’s fleet stumbled upon the Pythos system shortly after it had emerged from a warp storm and indicated the potential presence of significant stocks of war materials dating from the great crusade including space marine wargear. Forgemaster Mendez believes that the machine spirits of at least some materials may still be intact and recoverable.
Sector intelligence indicates the presence of Tyranids and Orks in the nearby Octarius subsector. An incursion by either xenos thread could result in the permanent loss of any war materials, many of which could be used to rebuild the chapter’s armory and fleet.
I have ordered my strike cruiser, Sword of Rynn to divert to the Pythos system with all speed to the Pythos system for the empire. My battle brothers are even now preparing to purge the xenos with holy fire.
There is only the Emperor. He is our shield and protector
-End Message-

Mr. M has been working on a planet and a moon for the campaign.

40K Campaign; Hex Tiles; Planet and Moon
Mr. M's planet and moon models for our campaign!

Some discussion about "taking over the moon" in the early stages -- but sounds like to get to the moon, Mr. M is going to require taking over the Spaceport first -- as a gateway.

Mr. M has set up rules for the Campaign -- and there is a provision for each player to have a Supreme Warlord -- at 275 points -- to head up that player's army.

Lots of spirited discussion on our side -- but we have gotten excited about the idea of playing Orks with our Supreme Warlords "Fork and Spork"!  (Big credit to Mr.'s L, Z and M for a very long IM session where the idea for Fork and Spork was 'spored'.)

Will post more about "Fork and Spork" -- but here's what we can share so far....

- Fork -- the leader of the Yellow Ork clan.  (We'll work on a better name than "Yellow Ork Clan")....  He's got a choppa weapon with forks on the end -- looks like a "Fork"....
40K Campaign; Warboss; Battle Gaming One; Fork
Here is Supreme Warlord Fork!  (Leader of the Yellow Ork Clan)

- Spork -- the leader of the Pink Ork clan.  (Yup, better work on better names there as well.)  He's got a "spork" weapon which are we are building out of a spoon (Baskin-Robbins) with tines on the end....
Spork; Warboss; Battle Gaming One; 40K Campaign; Da Lucky Stick
Still working on Spork.  Painting him in pieces and then will assemble.  Here is his "Spork" weapon!
  Have more work to quickly get done on Fork and Spork - to be ready for the first battle(s).  Haven't ever played in a campaign before - so not really sure what to expect.  But, already this is tremendous fun!!!

[By the way, we're now wondering if Fork and Spork ("brothers") grew from a damaged/mutated spore -- and were co-joined early in life.  *Until* after one particularly strong argument (perhaps due to feeling the Waaagh! particularly strongly one-day) Fork chopped Spork away from the shared body....]

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