Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Playing Battlefleet Gothic (Orks)

Hi everyone,

Our friend, Mr. M (who often plays Space Marines), asked if we wanted to play a game of Battlefleet Gothic.

Sounded good to us (we had never played -- or heard of Battlefleet Gothic).  Mr. M had explained that this was a game with 40K space ships.  Since we like spaceships and we like 40K -- this seemed like a very good combination!

We met up a Game Kastle to play a couple of weeks ago.  Turns out that Mr. M didn't have all of the ships needed to play (we were going to play Imperium vs. Chaos) -- so we played X-Wing instead.  (Here's a link to our write-up from that game)

Mr. M did have his rule books -- and we had fun checking out the different kinds of ships.  (And, a bit of a bummer to learn that GamesWorkshop doesn't make Battlefleet Gothic any longer.)

Mr. M's collection of Battlefleet Gothic rules....

When we got home, we started searching eBay for Battlefleet Gothic rule books and ships.  We really wanted to set up a fleet of Ork ships (they looked cool and Orky)....  Mr. M had warned us that lots of things on eBay could be over-priced since BFG isn't made any longer.

So, after lots of waiting, we spotted a set of ships which weren't so bad -- and did make a purchase on eBay :)

What we managed to find on eBay -- no directions -- had to consult the web to find how the pieces went together -- and also which ship was which....

Mr. M had warned us that assembly might be a bit tricky -- that some of the molded parts didn't line up very well.  And, we did find that this was tricky.

By now we've learned from experience that while lots of people are skilled users of superglue -- we are not.  For us, when in doubt, we break out the epoxy!  (It does a nice job of filling in the seams of the Orky parts which -- sure enough -- didn't fit together very well.)

Only trick was that we needed a few more hands and fingers than we had between us to hold the parts together.  So, we got some really little clamps at Home Depot and went to work....

Terror ship gluing - used clamps to hold everything steady....

On some of the ships (think it was the Kill Kroozer) the balance of the model is a bit off-center - so we had to apply weights while our epoxy cured....

Gluing together the Kill Kroozer.  (Weight on the back to hold the wing section fixed during curing.)

Our fleet is coming together.  Just about ready for priming and then painting.

Here are our ships nearly done.  One good thing about the epoxy gluing - a fall on the floor won't stop our Ork fleet!

So, now we're pretty excited about the other Ork ships out there.  We did manage to find an original rulebook.  Not the yellow "Armada" one -- and we're eager to find some of those Ork Battleships -- or maybe make our own ??

One idea for an Ork Battleship.  "Oreo Class" -- full of food and dakka!

Some other thoughts as we get ready to play....

- We're looking forward to building Ork Rocks and also some of those drifting Hulks.

-  We read about the Hammer Battle Cruiser -- seems that there was never a model for that.  Bit of a bummer -- maybe we'll build our own for that as well :)

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