Monday, June 1, 2015

Kublakon, Cool War Train and Rivet Wars!

Hi everyone,

This past weekend we spent a little bit of time at Kublacon 2015!

We're still pretty much gaming convention rookies - but we did have a great time :)  Here were several highlights for us:

1) We got to meet our friends from Game Kastle.  Was fun to see them at the convention -- especially in the middle of so many games.

2) There were some really fun displays -- like the guys selling dice.  Had never seen so many dice in one place.  So many colors!  The random grab bin was fun.  And, even found a 24-sided die.  A d24, we guess you'd call it....

One of the racks from the big dice supplier!  Great colors!

Here is a photo of some of the ones we found and brought home....  We figure the Pink Orkys might use the top one for "VERY KRITIKAL" dice rolls.  Don't know what we'll use the 24-sided one for yet.  And, thinking to use the smiley-face die for random D&D encounter generation.  We liked the colors of the others :)

Our fun dice finds!  (We asked the dice guys if the grab-bin dice came in great big boxes.  They siad "yes, and those boxes are REALLY heave!)

3) We spotted a game called Rivet Wars -- and bought it from our Game Kastle friends -- got some fun game promo models since we bought it at the convention.

  4) We got to *play* Rivet Wars in the room where they had two games set up.  And, hey! we like Rivet Wars!  So, this was very good.

Near the end of our first game of Rivet Wars.  Putting our single grey guy into enemy territory helped us to win some key victory points!  Our opponent was very gracious and made several strategy suggestions :)

Here are some quick points about Rivets Wars:

a) It's a fast game.  Maybe 30 minutes to play?

b) The little models are funny and fun.

Here we are playing at home.  Deployed our tanks right away to enjoy the cool look!

c) There are lots of choices about what to try, what to move, how to attack.

d) You can add different upgrades into the "sockets" of different models.  For example the crawler tank above has the "Turret" upgrade added -- instead of the starting cost blank plug which can go in the socket.  (There are character, "pilot" type upgrades as well -- very cool look to have your general commanding from inside your tank.)

d) It's easy to temper the game for different skill levels.  You don't ever really "run out" of army units -- you can simply keep generating and generating them turn-after-turn.  So, if you have a skill delta, it's pretty easy to agree that the game plays on even if one person reaches 10 victory points early.  [We actually enjoy "continuous mode" where you simply skip Victory Points altogether and just keep on playing and playing!]

e) We are still a little bit fuzzy about the moving and shooting rules in the game -- but after watching a Youtube video with the game creator, think we have it figured out :)

5) We got to see a VERY COOL War Train!  Someone had set up a display with a very long Germany WWII armored train.  Studying the locomotive and gun-cars, had lots of ideas for how to continue our work on the Ork and Space Marine trains!

[Link to our Dakka Chugga Post; Link to Da Pain Train Post]

We thought that this car with turret and anti-aircraft gun was pretty cool.  Worth thinking about making an Ork version (or - just loot this one!)

A very cool armored train model.  Hard to even see the locomotive and the tender here -- but if you stare long enough you can see them.  Cool ideas for a Space Marine train, maybe ??

All-in-all, we had a great time -- looking forward to Kublacon 2016!

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