Sunday, June 7, 2015

40K Campaign is Underway -- A Battle for Pythos IV

Hi everyone,

Today we headed over to Game Kastle to meet up with Mr's M, L and Z to start our 40K Campaign!

Fork and Spork were in attendance as we rolled off to see who would select their landing zone first :)

This is us rolling a 6!  And, get to deploy first....

Mr. M (our Game Master -- or Campaign Coordinator) had placed a map on his blog so that we could study things before hand.

Here's a link to that:

With four players, he nicely crafted the military zone of Pythos IV to have 4 Spaceports -- and so that each of us could take one if we so desired.

We were lucky and rolled to land first -- and after a bit of bashing back and forth, Fork and Spork elected to land in the southern-most Space Port:  Hex 1-34.

Tyranids and Eldar then landed -- and things ended up with Tyranids to the left of us; Eldar to the right.  Mr. M's Space Marines are directly opposite.

After considerable argument, Fork and Spork summarized things as follows:

Fur Pythos Numma Four, dese are da Orky Know-wotz:

- Supreme Warbosses Fork and Spork 'ave seezded da best spotz
- Sniffed ou' Panzys landin' to our righ' 
- An, dos' Bugz is 'ere too -- on our lef'
- Humies is far off on da udder side (no worriez)

Spork:  "I sayz we charge direkly at them Panzys and fight 'em now!"
Fork:  "Shet yer pie hole, Spork.  Dat's empy headed talk.  Take da Hive City, says I!"

Map showing the results of Ork Rekon

Haven't decided on our orders yet -- likely to have a bit more arguing between Fork and Spork before we can share the plan....

Here's the layout with the hex IDs....

Created this fancy map to show where everyone holds territory right now.

The big decision is whether we go after Mr. Z's Eldar (with his powerful new Codex behind him); or Mr. L's Tyranids; or charge to the Hive City to unlock the Moon!

We'll post more as things develop :)

We'll also post more about how Fork and Spork are coming along!

And, here is a link to Mr. M's write-up of the Pythos IV back-story:

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