Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dropzone Commander: We got the starter set!

Hi everyone,

We just got the "2 Player Starter Set" for Dropzone Commander!  We are pretty excited about it - haven't had a chance to play yet, but did want to write up what we have found when we opened up the box.

(Here's a link for the details on the 2 Player Starter Set at Hawk Wargames)

One thing we really like is the artwork on the box.  If you're going to play a game about dropships and dropzones, it's really fun to have such cool pictures to inspire the game.

The next thing we like is that the box seems to have everything you need to take the game along with you.  There is even a little measuring tape and a set of dice included.

Dropzone Commander 2 Player Starter Set, Box Set, Beginner Set
Here's a photo of what came out of the box.  Looks like we have everything we need to play.

There are two map sheets in the set.  The back of these have two really nice posters (more of that great art).

And, of course, the rulebook.  We like that as well.  Nicely printed, nice paper.  And, very cool photos of models and scenarios inside.  We clearly have work to do in order to follow all of the rules for playing.  And, since it's a dropship game, tanks can't zoom all over the map - but it seems like dropships can!

So, we've started working on building our models - and we've started discussing how we'll paint them.

For assembly - no issues so far.  A few pieces which are easy to glue together.  The Testors plastic glue we like to use for Warhammer is working just fine.  And, the pieces fit closely together enough that we're finding what we are left with looks pretty good :)

Dropzone Commander, building tank
No issues for us following the directions - things going together pretty nicely.

Dropzone Commander, UCM units, building models
Here's what we've glued together so far.  (We figured better to build the Earth defenses first - to be ready for the aliens!)  Please keep in mind that these are pretty little.  Would say that the tanks are just over one inch long.

Painting:  the starter set came with two armies.  Earth guys - the "UCM - United Colonies of Mankind" - which we're thinking to paint with arctic camouflage.  And, the alien army the "Scourge".  At least one of us thinks that painting the Scourge with really bright colors would be fun.  But, at least another one of us thinks that's a bad idea and points out that in the painted examples in the rulebook the Scourge are *never* such bright colors.

We've been excited about Dropzone Commander ever since watching groups play at the San Jose Bay Area Open convention. 

Here's our earlier write-up about Dropzone Commander.

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