Monday, September 1, 2014

Warhammer 40K: Tribute to Mr. T

Last week we saw an exciting Craigslist posting:  "FREE WARHAMMER 40K"  And, here was the message:

"...I am relinquishing the remainder of me collection of Warhammer 40K goods.  I have a decent amount of Orcs related parts left that are not receiving the love and attention they deserve. The posting continued, "I want them to go to a good home."

Well, we traded e-mails with Mr. T and he decided to entrust us with his wonderful Orks.  Here is a quick write-up and tribute to his hard work.

To begin with, we're very thankful - and will do our best to put his collection to good use.  His toolbox has several Ork Boyz sprues in it - and we have work to do in order to get these put together.

We also learned some things looking at the very cool models he put together.  Mr. T said that he really enjoyed the modeling and painting - and didn't play too much.

One of the largest of the dioramas Mr. T built

Here are some closer views of Mr. T's Orks.

There were many tricks to learn from Mr. T:
- Use sticks for Ork-sized logs
- Use Space Marine parts (arms, weapons)
- One gold tooth looks very cool
- Use the magnifying glass and get very close-up for details
- Add spikes and points to things
- Use jewelry chain - looks like Ork-sized chain

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