Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Star Wars X-Wing - the Intro Box - and the bigger spaceships we like

Hi everyone,

We just got the Star Wars X-Wing introductory box set.  We had been thinking about playing this for quite a while.  Had our friends at Gator Games order it for us.

Battle Gaming One, X-Wing, X-Wing Intro Set

Here is a link to the Fantasy Flight Games website for info on the introductory box set.

Here's what we like about X-wing:
- You get 2 TIE fighters and 1 X-wing in the intro box -- but you CAN get bigger ships as expansions
- You get all of the little parts and dice you need to play
- It is fun to use dice which have symbols on them instead of numbers (for hits and critical hits, etc....)

Battle Gaming One, X-Wing Intro Set, What you get, FFG X-Wing Intro

Here's what we wish had come in the set:
- Wish the set had included at least one large space ship (we're going to have to go for expansion sets instead)

The expansions we are the most excited about are:
#1 - The Tantive IV (this is the biggest ship you can get - and we think that is pretty cool)
#2 - Millenium Falcon YT-1300
#3 - YT-2400
#4 - B-wing

We wish there was a Clone Wars version of this.  (Maybe there is and we just don't know about it??)  We did notice that there is a Z95 Headhunter expansion - and we are thinking that technically, this IS a clone wars fighter.

One of us watched a couple of Youtube videos - and that got us going pretty well on how to play. 

Here is the Fantasy Flight Games tutorial video

And, tonight we (both of us) watched this:

Here is a Bat Rep from one of our favorites - MiniWarGammers.com  [We have watched him play Warhammer 40K - very interesting to see him play a different game.]

We practiced a bit last night - more with how the shooting works than with the movements.  Here's a photo of us practicing with the X-wing in 'the preferred firing position' against a TIE fighter.

[Please check out our earlier posting on how to add lasers.  This one was a quick edit with the Eye Candy iPhone app only.]  http://battlegaming1.blogspot.com/2014/09/battletech-4-vs-4-scout-lance-takes-on.html

Battle Gaming One, X-Wing, FFG X Wing, Preferred Firing Position

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