Sunday, September 28, 2014

Battle Gaming How To - Getting paint gunk off our brushes! (Sharing what we've learned the hard way)

Hi everyone,

We've been building and painting miniatures for about three months now - and after a big painting marathon to get ready for another battle with Mr. E (BatRep to follow), we found that we had messed up and left quite a few of our brushes unrinsed!

What to do?  In the past, Artist Expert (you may recall our team member who taught us how to make bright pink - blog link here) had been frustrated when at least one of us did a poor job of rinsing some of her favorite brushes.  Ruined!

So, we searched on-line - and we are very happy to say that what we found worked like a champ :)

[Here is the ehow article we followed]

Step 1:  Soak brushes in hot water + dish washing soap.  (We used tap water and hand soap)

Step 2:  Rinse and "massage" away the paint gunk which is loose

Step 3:  Get some isopropyl alcohol (IPA) - and rinse the end of the brush in this.  [Caution - put the IPA in metal or glass - not plastic.  IPA dissolves plastic.] 

[Note:  Rather than leaving the brushes soaking in the IPA, we sort of swirled them around and dabbed them against the side of our little metal bowl]

Step 4:  Rinse with water.

And, here's the result - bristles are pretty much the same as before the painting marathon!!!

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