Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Warhammer 40K: Taking it on the road. Space Marine and Orky travel to Europe

Will be writing up travel blog of trip with Space Marine and Orky on the road.  We're not doing the best job of keeping the right number of inches apart....

Day #1 -- flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt, Germany.

- This is the closest this Space Marine and Ork have been to the birthplace at GW in a long time.  And, the first trip to Germany for at least one of us.

Arrival in Frankfurt.  Headed out searching for food.

Found some kombucha at Starbucks.  Not too bad tasting :)

Politics of the EU confusing for Orky....

Day #2 -- Rhine Valley

Very tasty food.  Lots of fun encountering foods we don't have at home.  Funny how a word in one language means something very different in another language.  We wondered whether or not "Hag Coffee" would sell in the US.

Lots of coffee and sandwiches through the day.  All very tasty!

Got to the Rhine River.  Extremely scenic.  Could immediately see the inspiration for numerous Warhammer and Warhammer 40K landscapes.

Visited the Reinfels Castle.  Very cool to see in person.  Exciting to think about what it must have been like to try to engineer the walls.  Where to place each arrow slit -- or not.  How tall to make walls.  How long it must have taken to build.

Took a while to come up with an angle where our Space Marine and Orky fit in with the setting just right.  Going to try this as our title for the blog site.

Day #3 -- Munster, Germany is next....

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