Friday, August 22, 2014

Warhammer 40K: Terrain - got glue figured out - painting is tricky!

Hi everyone,

We've been working on making some terrain for battling with our Space Marine and Pink Orkys.

Here's what we've figured out so far....

- Pink foam = good stuff.  Easy to work with.  Use a knife, break by hand, use a wood rasp.  Easy to make ice or rock looking stuff.

Here we are marking out our pattern for the hills and ice we are making.

We punched out the outline with a kitchen knife....

- How do you glue it?  Epoxy works.  But, it takes a lot of epoxy.  So, that's annoying.  Read that hot glue works well.  Wow!  Does it ever.  That is a great way to do that build a mountain.

Our two hill or ice structures - glued with epoxy on the left, with hot glue on the right

Then comes the tricky part....

- How do you paint it???

Here our ice-hill after primer painting.  Lots of bubbling.  Smooth appearance is gone.  Very smelly.

- Have tried two different spray paints / primers.  Both seem to react with the pink foam, bubble and melt the foam, and make one heck of a smell.

Here are the two paints we tried.  Smelly and melty with both.

Here is our test piece with our favorite Formula P3 black primer.  Same melting result.

Will work on figuring this out and share results when they are positive.  :)

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