Saturday, August 23, 2014

Warhammer 40K: Battle with Mr. E

Last night we had a great battle:  Mr. E's Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Demons vs. our Space Marines and Orks.  It was a friendly battle.  We didn't worry about points.  And, we didn't worry about ally rules between the Space Marines and the Orks.  Mr. E was very nice -- we're pretty sure that we had more points on the table than he did, but he didn't mind :)

Battle Gaming One Pink Orkys Pink Orks
The initial line-up of the battle

- In the first turn a tank blew up.  Ours!!!  We were pretty bummed out - and needed a few laps around the house to 'walk it off'.  Worse, two Pink Orkys and four Gretchins were killed in the explosion.  And, then this caused the full loss of the Gretchins when they failed their leadership check - ran 12 inches and fell off the board.

Battle Gaming One Pink Orks Pink Orkys

- We managed to blow up every single one of Mr. E's big vehicles.  The orks did a good job on his Rhino.  A Pink Orky even managed to deliver the killing blow.  (This is the first time a Pink Orky has actually done ANY damage to ANYTHING in one of our battles.)  The Y'Orkys (Yellow Orkys) had already weakened the Rhino.  Their Lootas did a great job on weakening the Rhino.

- The Space Marine Terminators formed a protective wall with their 2+ armor saves.  The Terminators with the siege shields and thunder hammers got 3+ invulnerable saves.  The rest of them got 5+ invulnerable saves.

- The Deff Dread tried to charge 3 of Mr. E's Demons.  But, rolling a 6 it came up short of the 9 inches needed.  Mr. E charged with his Demons anyway.  This put the Deff Dread into close combat for the first time for us.  And, the Kill Saws did quite a bit of damage.  We didn't get to roll very many dice - but they were low numbers to hit and to wound.  So, very effective.

- Toward the end, we had close combat between the Lootas and Burnas and Meganob of the Yellow Orkys and Mr. E's Chaos Space Marines.  (A couple of surviving Pink Orkys helped out as well.)  Got pretty exciting!

Then we called it a night.  Huge thanks once again to Mr. E for teaching us lots of rules and for a really fun battle.  :)

[PS:  We'll see if Mr. E can help us to update this with the proper names of the Chaos army units.  Welcome comments from others who know better than us!]

*** Update *** We got some help from Mr. E on the details for his units.  We'll integrate into our battle report - but for now putting those details here.

  • The Walker with 8 shots is a Forgefiend,
  • The Purple chaos guys were Chaos Space Marines
  • The demons are actually Chaos Spawn
  • Correction - the vindicator was actully blown up by a unit of Obliterators. Mr E. used Termniators in place of the Oblits. 

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  1. Keep up the good work! Its so cool to see a father and son bonding over such a fun game!!