Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dropzone Commander - Thinking about giving this a try

As if getting a 40K army ready to go isn't enough!  :) at BAO 2014 we saw several people demonstrating - and then playing (competition) Dropzone Commander. 

(Photo of the big poster below.)

Seemed very cool.  We are thinking about getting the starter-set and trying it out.

We learned a lot from the nice group who was playing at BAO 2014 today.
  • takes a lot less space than Warhammer 40K (10mm scale)
  • costs less - small, yet detailed models
  • dynamic game (they explained the basic play)

Looked like fun to us.  Painting up space ships and then playing head-to-head in a city setting with space ships which drop tanks and skimmers = fun.

Sounds like there will be another event with Dropzone Commander at Celesticon - looking forward to watching some more then.


  1. We just watch a Bat Rep from Frontline Gaming of Dropzone Commander. Word from the Battle Gamer: Dropzone Commander looks very cool. I want to try it out.

    Here's the Bat Rep we watched:

  2. Well, we've just ordered our starter set. Probably arrives in 1-2 weeks :)