Saturday, July 26, 2014

Battletech Introductory Box Set (Review and Test Run)

We just purchased the Battletech "Introductory Box Set".  Here is a quick run through of how we liked it.

Pretty cool - introductory rules - 24 models of mechs; plus 2 that you get to glue together.  Also 2 fold-up hex maps.

Batltetech Introductory Box
We painted the mech minifigures using the Warhammer 40K tricks we've been learning.  (Even just priming makes them look way better.)  Here's how they turned out.  We've highlighted the two which we glued together - the others come fully assembled.

Battletech Introductory Box Set painting painted paints

Test battle was pretty fun.  18 good guy mechs defeated 8 bad guy mechs.  Here you can see our layout.  We used both hex maps.  The green post-it is the entrance to a "Uranium Mine" which the red Clan Kurita mechs are protecting.  We painted most of the mechs blue.

Battletech Introductory Box test battle

We pretty much added rules as we played.  At first we didn't use heat.  Then after we had most of the basics under control, we added heat rules.  By the end, we were using pilot consciousness rolls when we had double-six head-shot hits.  Here's a photo of the inevitable result -- all Kurita mechs destroyed except for one -- where the pilot honorably surrendered (we're not sure that really would have happened, but it was bed-time).

Battletech Introductory Box


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  1. Hello, everyone :)

    We had so much fun with the boxed set, we have been searching and searching for a way to quickly get more mechs. One idea was to buy another box set. But, we weren't so big on that because it wouldn't really give us much variety.

    We found one used box set on eBay (very reasonable price from the seller) and it has just arrived. Will post some photos and our progress on getting those mechs painted up.

    On interesting note: Had read that the molding on the older box set was not quite as detailed as with the new one. Yeah - true. But, we think that the mech models will still look pretty good once we paint them. Also -- not sure where it came from -- but there is a Victor mech in that box set which looks different than the others (different base) - but it's plastic - not metal. Nice model. Would sure like to know where to get more like that!!