Saturday, August 15, 2015

LED Objective Markers in 40K -- One Way to Avoid Forgetting

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 Our favorite Space Marine and Ork with one of our LED Objective Markers!

We have written about forgetting things before.  One of the biggest things we tend to forget is using Grot or Mek abilities which can recover hull points -- or special rules like Ramshackle on our Ork Trukks.  We received lots of great suggestions and help on how to remember those things -- and the suggestions have helped :)  (Thanks!)  [Here's the link to our post from League week #3 -- the worst of forgetting things.]

Another problem we've faced though is forgetting to pay attention to objective markers!  Many times we find ourselves after Turn 2 or Turn 3 and realize that we've set ourselves up in a fabulous Ork Waaagh! type charge -- but have completely missed on a plan to end up holding objectives so that we can win the game.

In the last two battles, though, we have toted our LED lit objective markers over to Game Kastle in Fremont to play Mr. M's Space Marines.  And, you know what -- it has made a huge difference.

[Here's a link to our earlier post from the day our package arrived from Powered Play.  Has good photos of how things go together.]

In the first of the two battles there was only one objective, and we held the objective pretty well at the end (we ran out of time in the battle). -- and we'd humbly offer that we may have actually maneuvered a little bit better than Mr. M by paying really close attention to the objective marker which was sitting there glowing at us the whole time.  

[Warning - this was a Space Marines vs. Space Marines battle -- part of the campaign Mr. M has been running.  Lots of fun - but lots of blue models fighting blue models in this battle.]

The battle set-up.  Here you can see Mr. M setting up his tanks to fire on us as we approach the objective (which is glowing away in the bottom of the photo)!

Apologies for the blurry photo -- but it all happened quickly.  Our gunship came zooming out of reserves and dropped our Ironclad Dreadnought, Assault Terminator Squad and Inquisitor right on the objective!

And, there we were at the end.  Mr. M threw lots of troops at us -- but pretty darned hard to shake us off the objective when all of his assault troops were over on the other side of the board -- several turns away.

In in the second battle, we didn't do quite as well -- but we still managed to hold two out of four objectives at the end -- and if our Stompa hadn't died giving Mr. M lots of victory points, we would have been close in the running to have won.

The battlefield showing the four objective markers.  Marker #1 is flopped over (our Stompa stepped on it so that Mr. M couldn't get to it).

Looted Wagon, modified train, 40K train, ork steam train, ork choo choo, battle gaming one
Our Looted Wagon, "The Dakka Chugga" steams past Mr. M's drop pod headed for Objective #2.

We had objective #2 pretty well locked up with a mob of Boyz and 4 Killikans.  That lone Space Marine didn't hold out very long!!

On the other side of the battlefield, our Trukk didn't last very long against Mr. M's Land Raider.  So, we didn't end up holding objective #4.  But, we didn't forget about it :)

Our LED lit objective markers were a thank-you item from  Powered Play Gaming the LED-base Kickstarter project they just completed.  We haven't built-up any LED-base operated miniatures yet -- though we do have a few Orky ideas.  Pretty happy with the objective markers regardless :)

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