Sunday, August 30, 2015

What is cool about the Pathfinder Society

Hi everyone,

We have started playing a little bit of Pathfinder.  But, not just playing in our small group.  Nope, instead playing with the "Pathfinder Society" at Game Kastle in Santa Clara.

The sessions are scheduled using the Warhorn website.  It was really easy to set up and account and then sign up for a Pathfinder Level 1 (through Level 5) session.

Cleric/Bard; Battle Gaming One; Pathfinder vs D&D
We decided we'd play a Half-Elf Cleric/Bard.  Decided to name him Perry.  Fights with a rapier.  Started working on a miniature for our next session :)

Well -- the whole world (except us) probably already knows what is cool about the Pathfinder Society (and, we're just the last ones to figure it out)....  But, regardless, here's a quick take on what we're liking about it :)

High level explanation?  Well, the main rules (Pathfinder) are like the Programming Language.  Rules about syntax, what can be done, what can't, etc....  Then, you have the Operating System (the Pathfinder Society)....  How gaming sessions are managed, how experience works, how items are divided up....  It's very much like the OS on a computer which is managing files, data and access....  It is so cool to have both!!

Priming with white paint; battle gaming one; playing pathfinder for the first time
Got Perry primed.  This is our first real attempt with white primer.  Working on 40K have been using black primer.  Let's see how this works out!!

1) The "Society" is cleverly set-up so that a group of people can "campaign" together in small one-session (one evening) stints.  [In Warhammer 40K we just spent several weekends in a row trying to find a time when the four of us who like to play together could get together for one large battle.  Very hard to manage schedules when everyone is busy!!]

2) There is a very nice structure around how much experience or treasure a group of adventurers should receive from each adventure session.

3) The classic argument over the +2 Longsword ("It's mine!"  "No, I found it!"  "Yes, but my character would make better use of it!") is settled.  Maybe a bit contrived -- but everyone can have it because the notion of party-treasure-sharing is boiled down to each character worrying about their own advancement.

4) Pathfinder vs. D&D rules?  Yep, there are differences -- and, we can see that many people have strong opinions.  We could live with either one -- for us, the fun is in the playing.  And, if it's the Pathfinder Society which has figured out a way to get together easily - then those rules work for us!!

Cleric and Bard together; Pathfinder Bard; Battle Gaming One; Game Kastle
Not too bad using the white primer after all.  Thinning down the colors so that we don't lose detail.  Finding that Perry looks OK with the white primer.  Using our 40K painting tricks as best we can!

5) If you can't make it one night - big deal.  Just show up at the next one when you can.  And, doesn't seem like it even matters too much if you play your character at or with different groups the way things are structured.

Well, we get to play again tomorrow night.  Very much looking forward to it!

Battle Gaming One; Pathfinder Miniature
 Here's Perry, ready for action tomorrow night.  Fingers are crossed that we don't kill him off.  If we can nurse him through two more sessions as a lowly first level Cleric he'll gain that crucial second level -- and will add a level of Bard.

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