Friday, August 7, 2015

Battletech - learning from the experts....

Hi everyone,

While we were playing 40K last weekend we had a chance to watch the group who plays Battletech at the Fremont Game Kastle on Saturday nights.

 Watching the experts play -- here's a zoom-in of the battle mat they were using

It was really exciting to see what the experts had set up.

Battle Mat!

They had a HUGE battle mat.  Wondering if it was even larger than 4' x 6'.  Worked well on the tables where we have played Warhammer 40K.

Here you can see the massive size of their battle mat!

Pretty sure we understood that they get these huge mats from MapMaster.  (Here's a link)  What's very cool about these battle mats is that they are all set-up for Battletech.  They have the altitudes and tree densities and things like that marked on the hexes.  But, they are printed over very nice and detailed maps.

Dice for Movement.

A long while back we had worked on how to keep track of which movements our mechs had made.  We came up with writing on our mech's sheets with dry-erase markers.

[Here's a link to that older posting.]

Several people who read our write-up suggested that using dice was a very good way to do it.  And, sure enough that's what the experts were doing.

Other maps and mats....

Then, just happened to see this display at our favorite game store in Delaware.

A (new?) Magik board game has very cool puzzle-piece sheets of map which can be interlocked in different ways to form a hex map.  This looked like it might be very cool for making different maps for Battletech.

Also they had a set-up of some raised plastic tiles which we learned came from HeroScape.  Sounds like it would be pretty expensive to have a whole table of them -- but would be pretty neat!!

 Here is the set-up from the store in Delaware -- you can see the "raised" HeroScapes hexes positioned on top of the Magik puzzle piece hex sheets.

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