Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ork Train Apocalypse Battle at Warhammer, The Summit store

Hi everyone,

Had the chance to play the Waaaghbash Kannonball Ork Train in an Apocalypse Battle yesterday at the Warhammer, The Summit store.  Here is a link to the Store's page with a video of the train in action.

The Waaaghbash Kannonball lining up against seven armies in Da Chew Chew A PoK O'LiPZ battle at the Warhammer, The Summit Store

It was great fun!  Here are several highlights!
  •  First of all, a big thanks to the Warhammer, The Summit store team and all of our opponents.  We have been wanting to have an Ork Train battle for a long time!
  • There were SEVEN fantastic opononents challenged the Supreme Warbosses Fork and Spork and their Looted Ork Train!  (All at the same time!  What a table full of fire-power!)
    • 1 Space Marine Army
    • 2 Necron Armies
    • 1 Eldar Army
    • 2 Tau Armies
    • 1 Chaos Army
  •  Stayed up until 3am the night before finishing up painting on Da Pain Train and also on the Kannon Kar.  But, had both ready for battle :)
  •  Since each army had quite a few points, played as if each car of the Ork Train was a Stompa.  And, added a Kustom Force Field for staying power (from the Plasma Ball on the Kannon Kar).
  • Each army made hits on the train.  Interestingly the most focus was put on the Grot Tank Holda (flat car with Grot Tanks).  It died first :(
  • We also played a rule that each Ork Train turn, the train drove for a random number of seconds -- and then dropped of 3D6 Orks to charge!  That was fun because it gave some of our co-generals a chance to play their orks as well. 
  • To keep things balanced, and also in deference to our opponents, created an informal rule that the train (and 7 huge Stompa guns) would target the enemy armies evenly.  And, while this did help with balance, it meant that Eldar army's Heavy Wraithcannons were still around.
We have quite a bit of posting to catch up on.  Getting the train ready has taken nearly all free moments in the past 2 weeks.  So, posts we'll have coming....
  1. Update on Da Pain Train
  2. Update on the Kannon Kar
  3. Update on the Kaboose and Train Boyz
  4. Update on Flat cars (Grot Tank car and Stolen Space Marines' Container car 
  5. More fluff.  We have been working on the back story of Spork, Fork and the Waaaghbash Kannonball :) 
Da Pain Train passing a line-up of Tau!

The Dakka Chugga leading the way....

Figuring out the rules as we get started....  Space Marines and two armies of Necrons at this end of the table.

The Grot Tank Holda passing the Eldar.  (OW!  DOZE D WEPPONZ HURTZ!)

The Kannon Kar passing between the Eldar and Tau....

The Waaaghbash Kannonball steaming past two Tau armies....

 Armies on the move!  The first Ork turn is over, the seven armies close in!

And, we're thinking of having another battle in the fall.  Will be a chance to update the rules a bit.  Also might be a very good idea to plan on more co-generals to make things faster on our side :)

Please help us with any thoughts on the next battle.  Some ideas already in the works....
  1. More or different cars for the train (Fork and Spork's Meks have some SEKRET PLANZ)
  2. Making each car have unique rules?  Or, maybe Big Mek Stompas instead of vanilla Stompas?
  3. Maybe one army (randomly drawn card) decides to target the other armies so that they can capture whatever is inside the Space Marine container (an Artifact!) and have it for themselves.  In the first turn, which army would you present your back to?  Should the Orks still shoot if one army is on their side?  (Well, they probably should....)
 And, for handy reference, here are links to our earlier postings about the Ork Train:

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