Sunday, April 17, 2016

Space Marines (Warhammer 40K) 30th Birthday at Warhammer, The Summit!

Hi everyone,

We had a fun time yesterday on April 16th - the 30th birthday of the Space Marines....
How did we celebrate?

Well, visited a new 40K store (new to us) in Reno.  The store:  Warhammer, The Summit:)  (Link to their facebook page.)

Cool Space Marines 30th Birthday pins at the store!

 And, the cool 30th Birthday Cake!

We had stopped in earlier and discussed the Dakka Chugga  (our Ork Looted Steam Train - link to that here) with the team there.  They had mentioned that they'd love to see it.  So, we had packed it up so that we could stop in and show them.

And, really glad that on a Space Marine special day, we were able to bring some Boyz to the party!

The Dakka Chugga and Spork, Supreme Warboss of the Pink Orkies - ready to bring some Big Killy down on that Birthday Cake!

In the store, they were enjoying Space Marines' Birthday Cake, and had very cool buttons.

Showed them the Dakka Chugga - and then talked about how we might have a battle using it....

One option we chatted about: Maybe we could set up track around the battle table -- and have other armies try to stop the Dakka Chugga.  Their idea was to make it kind of like a Death Race.

Sounded like a lot of fun.  Also seemed like a very good reason to have Da Pain Train (our 2nd Ork looting of a locomotive - link to that here) ready to go as well.  So, we are going to figure out when that could be and start getting ourselves ready.

The group in the store also mentioned some excellent ideas.  Like, how about taking a passenger car - and loading it with heavily armed Orks.  Maybe one Ork per window!  Going to start looking for an old-school passenger car which we could modify for that purpose :)

Following up on the suggestion from the Warhammer Summit group - we could Orkify a passenger gar like this one.  Lots of opportunities for Boyz to be lined up along the windows.  Plus, a second level to use....

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