Tuesday, February 16, 2016

(Battletech) More Mechs from Craigslist

Hi everyone,

This weekend, we found some a posting on Craigslist -- with lots of old Battletech Mechs!

 A few of our favorite newly added Mechs....

We called as quickly as we could -- and were able to arrange buying them.  It was a bit of a drive for us - but worked out to be more or less on the way we needed to drive - so it all worked out well.

This was really exciting for us, because the lot of Mechs we bought included quite a few we couldn't easily get these days.

When we talked on the phone - the Seller mentioned that he loved playing Battletech (just like us!), but hadn't had a chance to use his Mechs in quite a while.

The Seller had done a nice job of taking care of his Mechs.  One trick we learned from him is that egg cartons make a very nice and convenient holder for miniatures.  They have done a nice job of protecting these!

Unpacking the Mechs.  Very slick use of egg cartons to store the Mechs!

Here are the Mechs we are most excited about adding to our forces:

1) Warhammer
2) Wolverine
3) Archer
4) Marauder
5) Thunderbolts (he had two)
6) Stinger
7) Phoenix Hawks (2 painted, 1 unpainted, 1 missing an arm)
8) Longbows (he had two, one of them painted)
9) Griffin

Picture of the list of our favorite Mech additions.  :)

We know that quite a few of these are "Unseen" Mechs.  But, since we have been playing quite a bit of "early years" Battletech in our campaign, it's fun to have these models since they go well with the really early rule books we've scrounged up.

Also interesting to look at the Seller's Marauder.  We're not sure - but maybe that's the top of a Rifleman on his Marauder ??

It was interesting that he also had some plastic Mechs.  These look like different castings from the ones we got in our boxes sets -- or in the lance sets we have purchased recently.  The ones he had seemed a bit bigger and beefier than the ones we have.  (His Atlas looks like a football player compared to the ones we have.)

Different plastic molds.  Models from the beginner's set on the right; models from this batch on the left.  Some differences in scale and "bulkiness"

Repairs planned:

- We need to figure out some way to come up with an arm for the Phoenix Hawk.  (Maybe we can print something with the 3D printer ??)

The lot of Mechs came with this one-armed Phoenix Hawk.  We'll have to see what we can figure out as a repair.  (Or, maybe we just play with this one as-is -- figuring that the arm was blown off and not repairable.)

- We have some bits we need to sort out (not sure which Mechs they may have fallen off of)

- And, not 100% related - but we discovered that our not-so-great packaging has caused our Mad Cat to have both legs broken off.  Repair certainly in order!! 

How to make a MadCat "Mad"!  Clearly we needed to use some egg cartons!  Glue time....

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