Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ork Barricades for Fork and Spork

Hi everyone,

Over the summer we had picked up some Ork Barricades at a swap meet at Game Kastle.

We hadn't ever seen these for sale before -- seems that they had been discontinued.

Bummer - they look very cool!

Spent some time thinking about which ones should be decorated by Spork's boyz and which should be decorated by Fork's boyz :)

In the end, we went with the big pink symbol as a Spork Pink Orkys barricades.  And, the lower mounted symbol for Fork's Yellow Boyz.

Here are our Ork Barricades so far....  Still need to add dirt to them.

For Spork's Pink Ork Barricades, we used our standard formula for bright pink.  Some white mixed with Valejo neon pink -- and then an over-coating of the pink.  Here is a link to our work to sort that out :)  Pink Paint for Pink Orkys!

Thoughts about rules:

Unless you go with the cover save afforded by the barricades in the Stronghold Assault book, there don't seem to be very many cool rules.

One idea we had -- why not allow buying a Waaagh! Banner with some additional points -- if you want the advantage.  The Waaagh! Banner could have a range from whichever of the barricade pieces you bought the upgrade for.  It would be nice to have the +1 WS.

Or, maybe a rule which would allow an increase in morale when near or behind barricades -- of course for a cost.  (It is a serious bummer when we have a squad of Boyz take a hit at the beginning of the game and then run off the board.)

After we were done, we wanted to add some slime, goo, gore, etc, to the Barricades.  So far we have just added some green slime.  Used the same formula we used when we were adding Tyranid icor to the Dakka Chugga.

Mixed in clear gel (Gel 351 from Grumbacher) with Nurgle's Rot.  The combination is fairly think and forms fairly well into drips -- then dries clear.  (Don't be worried that the gel looks white when gooey.)

 Our formula for green goo....
Green goo when wet (gel is white in color when wet)

 Green goo when dried :)

And, here's Spork with his favorite section of the Barricade!

Supreme Warboss Spork with Pink Orkys Barricade!  Got some dirt and rust on them -- looking more realistic (especially the bright pink!)

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