Thursday, July 2, 2015

Found a Turbo Laser Turret - Looking forward to another session of X-Wing with our Death Star Trench!

Hi everyone,

We were browsing in the scenery section at Game Kastle on Friday night and stumbled across something we had been searching for -- a Death Star Turbo Laser Turret!!

In our most recent post about the X-Wing Death Star Trench model we had made a first attempt at building Turbo Laser Turrets using pink foam.  Several issues:  They were too small; they weren't nicely symetric; they were super light and jiggled around easily.  Bottom line -- it's not easy to build a Turbo Laser Turret!

[Here's a link to our earlier posting<-- We have notes here on playing X-Wing with a Death Star Trench as a cooperative game.]

Here's our first attempt at a pink foam Turbo Laser Turret.  Pretty humble.  It got a little bit better with nails poked in to create the barrels of the turbo lasers.

Here you can see our first-pass Turbo Laser Turrets at work.  Not much to look at....  Also a bit small compared to the models.

So, this is a very exciting discovery.

The box with the picture :)

The TLTs come from JR Miniatures (JRMINI) here in the Silicon Valley area.

The box -- in case anyone would like to see the details!

Here's a link to the product page for the Turbo Laser Turret

And, here's a quick look at our model.

Here is our first Turbo Laser Turret :)

Game Kastle had one left over from a holiday X-Wing session they had run.  So, we bought that one -- and ordered more (for a fully populated trench)....

Here is the Turbo Laser Turret next to an FFG X-Wing.  Great scale -- just what we were hoping for!

We'll post more as soon as we get some paint on our turrets and try the Death Star Trench Cooperative Game once more :)

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