Monday, April 13, 2015

Building a new gaming table...

Hi everyone,

We are thinking about building a new gaming table.  There main push for doing this is the growing pile of codex and rule books which is growing around the living room table - starting to make it a bit difficult to find anything.

Battle gaming one; gaming table; need for storage; rpg games and storage; warhammer and storage
 The growing pile under the living room coffee table.....

We had seen photos of the gaming tables - and have been especially inpired by the one Cassius Karl created.  (Here is a link to photos of his table.)  Looks like his is created with 4 book case units -- two sets on each end.  Very slick - totally impressed by the way this allows him to neatly file his gaming books and supplies.

Here are our thoughts goal-wise....

1) Should be 4' x 6' (so that we can play Warhammer 40K)

2) Should include storage (so that we can keep our Codex and Rule books handy)

3) Should be in a room where we can have overhead lighting -- and also should be planned ahead to try out the very cool overhead projector map projection scheme (Here's a link to an article which has inspired us.)

4) Would like to make it a bit taller than a typical table - more like kitchen-counter or bar height.

5) Then, would like to be able to push stools under the overhang of the table

6) We'd like the table top to be the kind of stuff which we're not likely to stain with paints or pen if we have accidents

So, we set out to see what we could figure out today.  We learned some interesting things.

1) Ordering a custom formica 4' x 6' table top is expensive!!!

2) Ordering kitchen grade (even the lowest grade) cabinets which are 36" high (kitchen counter top height) are also expensive!!!

So, we have a new set of thoughts....

- We're going to use a couple of layers of plywood - and place formica on it ourselves.  (Believe that's a terrible "you only get on try with the glue" type of procedure.  But, thinking that if we can build little models made out of resin and metal, we ought to be able to figure out formica.)

- And, we'll use book cases the way Cassius Karl did.  Looking like we'll use 4 of them as well -- but we're going to try to place these in a center pedestal which is 4' long and 2' wide -- so that the table top of 6' long and 4' wide overhangs by 1' all the way around.

battle gaming one; gaming table; rpg table; warhammer table; gaming table with storage; gaming table with shelves
 Our gaming table concept...

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